Monday, August 21, 2017


                                                             Monthly Focus: Swing kicks
                                                             Philosophy: Commitment

York Muay Thai at the Mabuhay Philippines Festival Sat Aug 26!

Come check us out at Nathan Phillips Square for the Mabuhay Philippines Festival, from 3:10- 3:30!  We will be doing a stage performance to show our techniques, training and more!  Stick around after if you have any questions about YMT or Muay Thai :)

Shots from our Chinatown demo

Here are some great shots of us giving our demonstration at the #chinatownfestival2017 !! We had a great time during showing the crowd our techniques and having all the volunteers come up and learn some basic #muaythai 

YMT at Ajahn's Birthday!

Shout outs to Praveen, Misha and Norman for stepping in the ring for Ajahn's birthday this past weekend:

Friday, August 18, 2017

YMT at the Toronto Chinatown Festival 2017

York Muay Thai continues its tradition of spreading Muay Thai to the public, as we return to the Toronto Chinatown festival! Check us out on Sunday (August 20), demonstrating different aspects of our martial art, as well as giving anyone from the crowd a free beginner lesson on the spot!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Ajahn Suchart's 58th Birthday!

Happy 58th birthday Ajahn Suchart!

Come out and celebrate on Saturday at Siam no1!  We have Misha, Norman and Praveen getting their feet wet in the ring for some demo fights!

Cover includes Thai food.

Click here for more info/Facebook RSVP

Monday, August 14, 2017

Rafa at IFMA results

What a ride! Thank you to everyone who supported Rafa in his run for Gold at the IFMA Youth World Championships in Bangkok!  Unfortunately, Rafa lossed a hard and closely fought match with the Turkish athlete. However, he proved he had the maturity and drive to compete at this level and represented his country with pride. 

A short recap:

The championships were an amazing time to get to know fellow Canadian athletes and coaches. Thank you to Kalsamrit, Siam No 1 Quebec and Redemption for raising such a great group of kids and fighters. The bonds that they built were heart warming to witness. 

Other highlights include training with and meeting Attachai Fairtex (who paid special attention to Rafa), Jean Charles Skarbowsky, Saenchai, Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee, Sangtiennoi Sor Rungrot and seeing Buakaw and Superbon on stage.

We got to go on a river cruise around Bangkok and see a live stage show as well.

 Rafa adhered to a B-Elite diet as instructed by Ken Sylvan, in order to maximize his energy and minimize his weight.   This brought Rafa down from a registered weight class of 46 kg to 44 kg. In fact, the diet almost dropped him to 42 kg.  We ended up keeping him at 44kg where he was comfortable. 

Rafa first drew Nigeria. We showed up ready to fight, but Nigeria was a no show and so Rafa "won" by walk over. He was frustrated that he did not get to fight. 

Rafa was matched against Turkey on the following day, who had stopped his previous opponent with ease. Rafa did not let this phase him, and fought with confidence. He started slow and lossed the first round. With a growing pace, he was able to draw the second round in the eyes of most judges (a fifth pushed it towards Turkey). Finally, Rafa came alive in round 3 and dominated. Unfortunately, the shift in momentum came too late and he lossed a decision. 

We are beyond proud of his growth and performance this tournament, and can't wait to see him bounce back even stronger. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Krabi Krabong Seminar on Sunday August 13

Come out on Sun August 13, and learn the original Thai martial art!   In the beginning, Thai warriors used a combination of their swords and staves, with their Muay Thai to defend their homeland.

Ask at the gym for more details!

Rafa almost off to IFMA!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Rafa's trip to Thailand!  He, his father Os and Kru Cam fly out Friday night. You can still contribute to their fund at the gym through the donation box, as well as purchasing rounds of pads with an instructor. 

**Fundraising closes Friday July 28th. Thank you!! 

Thank you to Johnny Tang for these amazing photos! 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

MuayThai Canada Article: Spotlight on Rafa

Check out Ryan McKinnon's article on our very own Rafa for Muay Thai Canada:

We are already proud of you Rafa. Fight hard, but most importantly, have fun!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Items to be Auctioned at YMT Carnival Day! Sat July 22

Don't forget about the Carnival Day happening THIS Saturday July 22! All proceeds help Rafa go to IFMA!

Here are the items that will be auctioned off at Saturday's event:

A. the bid starts @ $25.
B. If you want to start bidding online, please send a private message to PC Eugenia and myself - those will be the only valid bids we will take into consideration from online bidders.
C. All bids on all utems will be FINAL on Saturday July 22nd where the items will go to the highest bidder (from online bidder and people who will bid at the event).
D. We will collect all $$ on Saturday July 22nd, HOWEVER, if you win an item via bidding online, you will have until Monday July 24th to send us the money, OR the item will go to the 2nd highest bidder.

1)Painting 1 from our talented Heather Smith
2) YMT membership - 3 months
3) 30 mn session with Kru Jen
4) 30 mn session with Kru Cam
5) 5 Hours package with PC David
6) Facial + Mani/ Pedi gift basket
7) 2 sessions with PC Natalie

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Support Rafa today! Official Team Canada Crowdfunding Page

You can donate NOW and help Rafa (and any other Team Canada member) reach the World Championships!  

Check out this link to pledge:   

We are humbly grateful for you generosity. 

Please don't forget our other fun fundraising events (see the posts below!!)

Carnival Day July 22 at YMT!! Help send Rafa to IFMA!

Facebook Event:

This event will not only be one of the best days of your summer, but also help send 13 year old Rafa to represent Team Canada at the IFMA youth championships in Thailand! 

No cover at the door, but a small fee for each activity or food item (all proceeds go towards Rafa's trip).

Activities, attraction and events so far:

-BBQ and drinks 
-Obstacle Course
-Bouncy castle
-inflatable basketball
-face painting 
-donate to make Rafa kick

**Auction: stay tuned for items and starting prices to be listed

More to be announced soon!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

$5 Pads! Help Send Rafa to the World Championships!

HELP send 13 year old Rafa to Thailand to fight for Team Canada at the IFMA youth championships!

Get pads for $5/round with an instructor. See reception or instructor to book! Buy as many as you like!
All proceeds help Rafa out 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Kids Movie and Pizza night at YMT!

*Proceeds from this fun night will all go to helping him travel to represent Team Canada at the IFMA Youth Championships*

Location: York Muay Thai
Time: 5:00pm (drop off)- 10:00pm (pick up) or 10:00am next day.
Cost: $15 for movie/game night ONLY.  $25 for movie/game night AND sleep over

Bring your kids for a fun night at YMT! We will have movies and board games going, plus Pizza and drinks!

If you want the night off, your child can stay for the sleep over ($25 total), which includes a breakfast in the morning at 9. Please provide your own sleeping bag and/or air mattress.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Toronto Attraction visits York Muay Thai

Check out Toronto Attractions visit to York Muay Thai:

Friday, June 30, 2017

Help Send Rafa to Thailand to fight for TEAM CANADA!

Attention!! We need YOUR help 
Your FIRST EVER fighter from YMT to represent Team Canada at the IFMA Junior World championships is Rafa! For all who don't know, IFMA is the pinnacle of amateur muay thai competition in the world. This a huge opportunity that he is training very hard to prove his worthiness for, and we are all honoured to be a part of this historic moment!

The championships are in THAILAND from August 3-11, and it will be very costly to send him, a Kru and parent (close to 3000 each person).

So how can you help?

1. Pads for $5/round with either: PC David Kim, PC Hadja Cherif, PC Eugenia Genie Motta, PC Patrick Wallace, PC Jack Liu, Osvaldo Rafael or Kru Cam. See reception to pay and book at any time starting next week!

2. Fri July 14- kids/movie night sleep over fundraiser event! Stay tuned for an official post with details

3. Sat July 22- Carnival day! Lots of games and challenges...the perfect summer fun day. Stay tuned for an official post with details!

4. Donation box: we will have a box at the reception area soon.

We want to sincerely thank all of the staff and students who have helped organize or contribute to this campaign. This is a historic moment for our team as well as team Canada (it's our country's first junior team at the IFMA world's). Every little bit helps to make this a reality. Khup khun khup and see you at the events!!

This is old....but here's Rafa a while ago when he first started at YMT...He's come a long way since: