Saturday, February 28, 2009

Congratulations! Blue Shorts test and Sparfest

This Saturday YUMT had a lot going on.

A big congrats goes out to Katherine for a completing the Blue shorts test, which is no small feat!

We had Arash, Vlad and our ninja helper Andrew H. represent us today at Kombat Art's Sparfest!

Arash and Andrew H. had a very close match with each other right off the bat. Although from the same gym and Kru, they were matched as they were the only two people at their weight who had relatively the same amount of experience as each other.

Vlad's turn came not very long after, and showed great improvements with his technique, as well as putting on a great display of clinch work. Real talk, Vlad, real talk.

A big thanks goes out to everyone from YUMT and friends who have dedicated themselves and shown support for our students (special thanks to: Niloo, Brian, Eric, Richard, Chris S, Nic and Brandon)

Lastly, a big thanks to Kru for all her efforts (having worked around the clock to prepare and coach everyone), and PooChoi Kru Lindor for all his guidance and help.

*Pictures will be posted soon! (and maybe video)*

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