Friday, February 25, 2011

What You "Do"

Whenever I talk to anyone outside of the gym who sees our logo on a t shirt or the website, I get the question: "Shouldn't it be belief, and not believe?"

They are of course referring to our school's philosophy: Love, Respect and Believe.
To them, it's as simple as saying we've made a grammatical error. Naturally, they think we should stand for Love, Respect and Belief.

What they, and more importantly we, must understand is that we aren't using Belief because it is a noun. We use Believe because it is a verb.

Here's a video to help explain why:

Simon Sinek uses sentences (ie do the right thing), but our philosophy works as verbs as well. You can't "do" belief, but you can certainly believe.

Think about this when you start considering your own values and how you articulate the things you stand for.

It seems like semantics...and you have to wonder if Ajahn Suchart had that figured out when he came up with it. BUT, I think he took a very pure idea, and kept it as pure as possible: three simple words...that are all verbs. 

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