Sunday, November 6, 2011

Buffalo Results

Here are Saturday nights results:

Sweaty went the full three rounds, showing the heart of a lion, but lost a unanimous decision to a strong opponent.

Tranny had a dominant first round with knees, but was unable to continue mid way through after a joint injury.

Durst rematched his last opponent for what was largely a repeat of their previous bout. His opponent was very game and much more aggressive this time. However, Durst once again had a dominant 3 round fight for a unanimous decision win.

Patrick fought last. His original opponent backed out. Luckily, our friends from Training Ground Mississauga had a fighter weighed in and ready to go at Patrick's weight. The two had a very technical first round of exchanges, until Patrick landed a strong teep to his opponent's jaw. His opponent was not knocked out, but did sustain a serious cut, which resulted in a TKO win for Fingers.

Lastly, our friend from Victory, Andrew Poon, could not compete against Zhang due to a health issue. Andrew was nice enough to make the trek down to show support for the Canadian athletes.

Congratulations goes to Noel Hussey from our friends at Training Ground. He won the USMTA amateur Heavyweight title via TKO in the first round. Opening up with some fast and hard kicks, then finishing the fight with a freight train of a 1-2.

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