Monday, January 23, 2012

The Ontario Muay Thai Community does the 30 Hour Famine, hosted by York Muay Thai

Let's face it, our Muay Thai community is STRONG. Stronger than most other areas in the US or Canada right?

So that means that as a Community, we can make a REAL difference!

Let's get trapped in a room full of hungry irritated fighters for 30 hours. Who's with me?? No?

As bad as that may sound, it is nowhere near as bad as what 3rd world children go through every day for food, water and basic needs.


1) Meet more Muay Thai enthusiasts!
2) Challenge PC Cam to a DDR stand off.
3) Lose weight! HA!
4) Watch some sick fights on a big screen.
5) Challenge Kru Mikey Perez in a chess game.
6) Relive old Kung Fu movies like Iron Monkey or Enter the Dragon.
7) Win the top prize in the Annual Sleeping Bag Race, no it's not food.
8) Enjoy some grape drink. (or other juices)
9) Scare yourself with our Annual Horror Flick at midnight.
10) Check your vocal skills playing ROCKBAND and Karaoke.
11) Play BATAILLE in french with Dark Phil and I.
12) Revisit family time by playing board games that go on for hours at a time until a fight breaks out and you all hate everyone involved!

But by far the biggest reason to participate is to know that the more of you that come out to participate the money we will raise to help the families in need.

So JOIN and let's show everyone how STRONG our Muay Thai Community really is.

All money will be donated on behalf of the Muay Thai Community and not just 1 gym. Gym names will be submitted though.

Love, Respect and Believe.


Begin raising pledges!

To donate to the cause:
Facebook event:

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