Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Iowa Updates! Gold for YMT!

What a day!

First shout outs to Southside Muay Thai who not only won the Team trophy, but also nabbed a ton of gold!

Kru Brian Naidu had one of his juniors also take home the gold!

On to our fighters...

Puppy fought against a game opponent who literally would not stop. Puppy fired back the best he could but couldn't get himself ahead. It was a tough fight, but Puppy never stopped. He brings home a Silver medal.

Durst fought last, against another game opponent. This time, the first round might have gone to his opponent, who had a good quick jab and would tie him up some tricky lower back clinch holds. Durst didn't seem to adjust or get his rhythm until round two, when he started to turn his opponent and get better leverage for knees in the clinch. I would personally give this round to Durst by a narrow margin. I'd say he managed to squeak by in the last half. If I know Kru Jen, she was probably telling him to get some more space for them knees.

Needless to say, that's what Durst did. In round 3 he managed to get the upper hand in the clinch and fired off volleys of straight knees. His opponent's corner threw in the towel half way through the round.

Durst is now the TBA SA 2012 tournament champ by way of tko!

Congratulations to all the fighters for putting in the hard work to be there, and thank you for your efforts in representing your team. We all watched and supported back home.

Safe trip home!

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