Wednesday, February 26, 2014

National Muay Thai/ Kru Day Celebration- March 15th at Siam no 1

On March 15th, we would like all of our students to gather at Siam no 1 to celebrate National Muay Thai/ Kru Day, with the rest of the Toronto affiliated gyms. This is a day dedicated to Nai Khanomtom and the Kru's/teachers who pass the art of Muay Thai onto us.

This is usually a pretty big event with some demo bouts, awards ceremonies and food. Please come out and pay respects with the rest of our team and represent :)

This event is all about celebrating KRUS of Muay Thai -- recognizing all the hard work and commitment of Muay Thai Krus here and around the world.

Facebook event RSVP:

5pm – Fighters Check-in/Medicals/Weigh-in

7pm – Ceremony:

Each school is requested to bring
✚ Flowers
✚ Basked of fruit
✚ Soap
✚ Candles
✚ Small Towel
✚ Valued Gift [generated by denotation by members of the respected school; Example a “gift card”].
✚ Each school nominates one of their students as a speaker to address the masses with words of appreciation. [Speeches are 3-minutes max duration]

8:30pm – In-House demo Fight begins [approximately 10 bouts]

Admission during the entire evening: $25

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