Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kru Day celebration Recap

YMT had an amazing turn out Saturday night. We gathered to honour the teachers of our art, and show our appreciation for the hard work and love. As a student of the gym, it is my privelege to say that Kru Jen is my instructor and that the PC assistants we have are some of the most dedicated people I've met.

In addition to speeches and celebration, we also had exhibition bouts between athletes of our family gyms to pay our respects to Muay Thai the way we know best. Sam, PC Cam and Roman all stepped up to the ring to represent and made our team proud.

They were cheered on by an amazing chorus of support and really showed the community how much we care about each other. Last but not least, Kru Jen's students from York University's Muay Thai program also showed up in style, joining our already fun loving and hard working group.

Here are a mix of pictures from Haniel and Terry:

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