Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Eakpracha vs Albert Kraus (Glory) video

Here is an interesting fight featuring a lot of knees. This fight is under Glory World Series Kickboxing rules, which is different from Muay Thai. To summarize, elbows and clinching are prohibted, as are throws and catch kicks. You are allowed to knee, but if you do you can only grab and throw one at a time. You must release your opponent and grab again to throw another knee.

It's always interesting to see Thai fighters adapt to this rule set, just to see what weapons and defenses they are able to execute when their options are limited. Buakaw is an example of a traditional style Thai fighter who adapted well to Glory/K-1 style rules, though it took him some time. Eakpracha makes his debut under these rules in the fight.

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