Friday, August 8, 2014

Thank You Ajahn Suchart!

Ajahn Suchart came to teach at YMT on Aug 7, 2014. Not only did he teach his traditional technique, but also about the value of what we are doing. More than anything, he impressed upon us the need to work hard for what we have, learn to appreciate it and then help build the community further.

The 3 things he feels that work against our progress are: Convenience, Ease and anything Cheap. If something's too convenient, comes too easy without being earned, or can be bought with little to nothing then it will most likely spoil us. It is harder to build and sustain unity and love in a community where these 3 things are the foundation. They make us selfish and lazy, drawing us away from others and the chance to improve. He urged us to continue to invest in ourselves and each help each other and treat each other as family.

Lastly, he wanted us to continue to spread and promote Muay Thai for what it can do for our society. Promote the art, promote your teacher, promote the school, and of course yourself. With the proper physical training and development, a martial artist can gain patience in their every day life; the patience to forgive, the patience to persist and so forth. Ajahn asked us to help get Muay Thai to the masses, so that we can give everyone in our society a chance to gain that patience and change the way we relate to our fellow human beings for the better.

Thank you all for attending and meeting the man who gave us our Kru Jen, and therefore our school and each other. Of course, a thank you (Khup khun khup) goes out to Ajahn for coming out and spending time with us!


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