Thursday, September 4, 2014

Strength and Conditioning Class Notice! (Sun Sept 7 to Sun Sept 14)

Greetings YMT!!!

I am on my way to Arizona and will be missing our next four S and C classes (Sun 7, Mon 8, Wed 10, Sun 14) in order to fulfill a requirement of my Masters Degree. I will be learning lots of relevant things to help you as athletes, so I am excited for how this will help our school long term.

There will still be group lifts at standard times, where you will be expected to coach each other as you have to date. PC David Kim, PC Patrick Wallace, Ilir Serbo and of course Kru will be around to help with implementation and to let you know of any changes while I am gone. Happy training and be sure to ask me any questions over the next few days before I disappear.


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