Sunday, July 19, 2015

YMT at Destiny Fight Productions Recap

What a night!  Destiny Fight Productions first fight night, sanctioned by Muay Thai Ontario was a charged night of action. Destiny ensured that the event looked and sounded incredibly slick, while MTO provided top notch officiating to keep the bouts safe. The Woodbine Race Track provided an incredible stage for a night of Muay Thai.

York Muay Thai showed up with over 70 supporters for our boys, and were easily the most vocal...cheering on their athletes who worked so hard to represent them.

PC Patrick fought a strong opponent. He came out with his signature technical style, but unfortunately the bout was stopped by the doctor in the 2nd round.

In the main event, Derrick fought a war against Kru Bruce. Kru Bruce dictated the pace immediately with a strong and accurate offense, but Derrick was able to shift the momentum as the fight progressed. Both men made it an absolutely electric bout until the final bell, firing all 8 limbs with bad intentions. In the end, Derrick's grind in the latter rounds earned him a unanimous decision win.

We are proud of both fighters, who sacrificed and went through much during this training camp. We are thankful to our team of seniors and coaches who had a hand in preparing them. A shout out must go to Warrior Muay Thai and Chris, who gave up their time as sparring partners and pad holders. Lastly, our gratitude to the YMTeam who kept the gym full of energy, pushing these fighters to the limit, and then coming out in force to make sure they knew who was the crowd favourite.


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