Sunday, November 15, 2015

MTO Provincial Tournament Quick Recap

New Beginnings 

Above is a photo from the opening ceremonies of the inaugural Muay Thai Ontario Provincial Tournament. It's youngest competitor, Cosmin of Mas Thai Boxing, cut the ribbon to kick off the day of fights. It was only fitting that the youth who will inherit the sport officially began the event.

No Excuses, No easy fights
As a last minute change, Julius moved up a weight division to fight a strong and experienced competitor from our friends at Kombat Arts. After a rough start early in the first round, Julius came back in the tail end to make the fight a war. After 3 rounds of non stop action that utilized all 8 weapons from both competitors, Julius lossed a decision. 

Reflecting on the Experience

The fight was an excellent and entertaining one, which we can all learn from. A determined fighter can always come back strong no matter the circumstance. There will always be aspects of your game that you think you've trained to be instinctual, but still need work. Most of all: always take responsibility and step up to always have a choice, and it is our hope that you choose to be strong. 

Dinner Earned

Last but certainly not least, Jeremy won his fight and the C class provincial tournament division at 199lbs! Jeremy worked the legs and body of his opponent with kicks early, and then stopped his opponent with strong volley of punches. For those of you who don't know, Jeremy lives in Montreal and trains with Kru Ash and his fight team. YMT is happy for you buddy! 

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