Sunday, December 27, 2015

YMT's Annual Student Awards and Group photo!

Thank you YMT for an amazing 2015!

As we go into the new year, let's recap some of this year through the Annual York Muay Thai Awards that were presented at the Holiday Party!

Each award is carefully chosen by Kru Jen and the senior instructors. Congratulations to all recipients...but most importantly, keep striving to improve as you lead the way for your team!

Most Improved Junior Students of 2015:  Michael S

Junior Student of 2015: Praveen
Best Nickname of 2015: Praveen

Most Improved Senior Student of 2015: Melissa C

Senior Student of 2015: Julius

Fighter of the Year for 2015:  Shashaank

Dedication to Muay Thai for 2015: Carmen N

Heart of York Muay Thai for 2015: PC Patrick

Instructor of the Year for 2015: PC David

Appreciation Certificates for 2015: Carlie M, Kru Mina R, Ajahn Suchart

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