Sunday, April 3, 2016

Elbow Month Commences!

Elbows...they are without a doubt the most stand out technique in the Muay Thai game. Most professional fight sports ban them, and even some Muay Thai leagues (in France, China, etc) will restrict them with elbow pads.  At the amateur level in Canada, elbows are allowed but also with elbow pads. There are some high level fighters whose management will not allow them to fight with elbows.

They are known for the brutal mess they can make when they cut through the skin, as well as the trauma they can inflict in a way that the punch cannot.

As we begin elbow month, it's a sobering reminder of how vulnerable we can be. Being holed up in a double block may seem safe, until an elbow slides right through like a credit card. Clinching is a similar story. Elbows change the game when that close, giving you twice as many threats to deal with when you might think you're out of the woods.

On the flip side, this means you have twice as many options as well. It's our hope that this month, we can push you to the next level, adding to your tool box what many regard as the most dangerous technique in Muay Thai, but also help you become more aware of your own openings and vulnerabilities.

^Karuhat Sor Supawan was one of the greatest elbow technicians.

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