Sunday, February 19, 2017

Every Day is a Step

March 4th marks our next grading opportunity. As always, having your name on the board is not a guarantee that you will even be going to grade. It is recognition that you are taking steps on a path. Continue your hard work and remember to use every day, every repetition, and even every rest period as a step towards your goals.

We are often asked, "what do I need to do to get my Blue shorts?"

A better question would be, "what makes a good blue short student, after the test is said and done?"
The answer lies in the question itself. It is not about reaching a destination, but following a direction... How do I can continue to improve and be a better student every day? This is the question that every TRUE champion, and even every Kru must ask themselves as well. Attaining a title belt, or certification as an instructor is an opportunity, not an end game. The Blue shorts test is no different. It's an opportunity to learn deeper

Learning at the Blue short level comes from being taught new techniques, refining/optimizing old ones (more often than not), and stronger emphasis on self discovery. Become the best you can be, not just for one test, but every day for the rest of your life.

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