Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fundraiser Run-a-thon: Please Help Send our Fighters to Iowa!

Saturday, May 16, 2009
Time: 10:00am - 1:00pm
Location: York University


Kru, Poo Choi Cam, Poo Choi Nic and Poo Choi Brian will be headed down to Iowa where Nic and Cam will be competing in a 3-day tournament.

Nic in the Mens B Class Super Welterweight (145.1 lbs-155):

Cam in the Mens Novice Featherweight (125lbs & under):

The purpose of the Run-A-Thon is to help support our athletes and raise money to financially aid them.

As Iowa is a 14 hour drive, we will be flying to Iowa thus, we need your help!

Anyone can and is encouraged to participate in the Run-A-Thon. Each person will run a total of 15 kilometers throughout the beautiful York University Campus. Stations will be set up for water and to map the run.

All pledges $25.00 or more get a FREE York U T-Shirt!

Kru will be handing out pledge forms this week in class.

So get out there and run! Get sponsors and support our team!

If you have been invited to the event, feel free to participate, pledge a runner or just come down and show support, we appreciate it all.

For more information on the tournament:

Thank you in advance!



  1. Once again Cam... you are wonderful at maintaining this site..

    Soon I will need to pay you..! lol

  2. lol when you want shit done you know who to call. and it's not the frigging Ghost Busters