Sunday, May 10, 2009

Runathon info for Participants

Sawadeekha Everyone,

We are 6 days out from out 15 kilometer run!
I checked the weather and we stand at 18 degrees of sun, with no clouds in sight! Wonderful!

Those of you coming to cheer us on or pledge come on down to the York University Campus. We will be starting at the main entrance off Keele/York rd.


Look for the signs!

Race starts promptly at 10:00am! This is not a race but there will be time keepers should you want to keep track!

Anyone who didn't get pledges but is up for a fun challenge are free to pay a $35 donation and will receive a loot bag upon registering at the main booth.

Thank you in advance for everyone's help.

Nic and Cam will make us proud, I have no doubt!

Khup Khun Kha,
Kru Jenypher Lanthier

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