Monday, May 11, 2009



This was posted on the Facebook event wall:

"Hey all the YUMT volunteers.

Please stick around after class for some pizza and sign making for the kilometers.
We will then also assign your posts for water/gatorade distribution.

Lets have some fun and get things done!

Please post if you can stick around for a wee while. Nothing crazy long."

Volunteers needed:

- 2 official time keepers.
- 5 sign making.
- 2 people to run the main booth.
- 3 people to place sign and help with decorations.
- loot bag makers.
- water distribution (1 per 5 km) 3 total.

Thank you!

post on the event, or kru's wall. NOT here please :)
Not everyone checks the blog or facebook often, so if you can please spread the word...thanks! :)

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