Sunday, February 26, 2012

"It was an illegal throw!!!"...or was it??
^ throw was legal. Pause the video if you don't believe. He planted on the outside (no hook), and turned him over (Joe landing sideways only confirms it). Very common move in Muay Thai. That throw is common and allowed in WMC and WBC bouts, as well as many other amateur leagues like the TBA.

There's a lot of people on the Muay Thai Authority facebook claiming Simon did some illegal Judo witchcrafthex technique. Hope that cleared it up.

I didn't realize how heated I'm getting over Simon's fight. I'm sure he doesn't even care, since he knows what went down and won in the end.

I mean no disrespect to Joe. This is just to prove a point about the legality of Simon's technique. At the end of the day, fighters on the professional stage are what they are. We don't fight them or for them. Never forget that they have one of the hardest and least paying jobs in the world. Respect.


  1. It was an illegal throw, he hooked his right heal on the back of joes left heal and then spun him over his knee. When a fighter does this he knows there is a strong chance that he will land on top of his opponent. Not saying Simon did it intentionally but the ref should have stopped the fight to allow for recovery and taken a point away or give a stern warning.

  2. we will agree to disagree. I do not see the hook, but I see Joe going sideways over the knee. Simons ankle does turn as he throws, which brings it close to Joes, but I still maintain no hook actually happens. Personally I feel it is pretty clear that Joe's fall is not initiated by the foot but the upper body twist and knee in the first place. But it seems everyone who sees this video and the pictures are disagreeing.

    However, I will agree that if it was illegal, it was not intentional. I don't believe either are dirty fighters. Thank you for a respectful response, dutch.