Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Fight Video: Damien Alamos vs Apisak KT

Kru Jen posted this fight on the facebook group. It features Damien Alamos, a young french fighter who has several WMPF world titles, but most importantly captured the Lumpinee stadium title at 140 lbs (probably the most important title in the world along with the Rajadamnern title).

This is one of his fights prior to becoming Lumpinee champ.


There are a few other top French fighters fighting the Thai circuits, like Antoine Siangboxing, and his lesser known (outside of Thailand) but veeeeery skilled brother Leo. Mehdi Zatout is another skilled French fighter who had competed in Thailand many times as a youngster, and now has a successful pro career.

Still, Damien might be one of the only to have actually won the coveted Lumpinee belt. Maybe in the future we'll see a Canadian prospect make it there...I have a couple in mind

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