Monday, October 6, 2014

YMT recap of the Tri City Fighting Series- Validation show

Sawadeekhup/kha! A quick recap of Saturday's event:

Validation was the inaugaral WKF Muay Thai show in Canada and was a great success. A sold out crowd filled the Alpine Club in Kitchener with shouts of "oway!"

Mike Zhang fought a hard 3 round fight, managing to ramp up his energy in round 2 and 3, finding his mark with a barrage of punches. His opponent did well trying to defend by closing the distance, but Mike's intensity kept it difficult for him to do so. It was a nearly non stop fight between these two, trying to convince the judges who wanted it more. In the end, Mike took him the unanimous decision as he was able to ride his momentum and overwhelm until the final bell.

PC Cam also fought for the full scheduled 3 rounds. Opening up strong with legs and hands, he exploded inward which led to the clinch. While he managed to throw his opponent in the first round, his opponent was able to adjust afterward and avoid being turned or moved very much for the rest of the fight. This is where the bout became close. PCC was able to utilize hands and legs on the outside, but once in the clinch, it became a tight race. His opponent did a good job of smothering him to the ropes and maintaining his balance. It was a tight grind towards the end. After the final bell rung, it was his opponent who was awarded the split decision win. 

Thank you to everyone who came out to support these boys. The #YMTeam was amazing and probably shook the room with their cheers. You can check out some pictures in the post below!

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