Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tip of the Day

Whether in shadow boxing or on the pads, bag, or in sparring...there are always opportunities to refine and improve. Each one can help in a different way with certain aspects of your game.

Tip for the day:
Once you've gotten the basic idea of a technique down, try doing continuous repetitions of it on the bag or pads without stopping to correct yourself of any mistakes.

This does not mean mindlessly striking the target over and over. Instead, try to feel the mistakes AS you pump out reps. Try fix your technique AS you practice...adjust range, adjust positioning of hands and shoulders, etc etc.

In a fight, this is what will happen anyway. You'll have to trust the technique you have trained already, but need to be able to adjust it on the fly.

Improving your self awareness in the moment is one of the many benefits Muay Thai training can bring to your life. Take advantage of it!

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