Sunday, June 7, 2015

June Philosophy at YMT

 The art is within the practice:

The true value in this philosophy is applying it into your every day life. Rather than seek out a sudden transformation of shift, embrace the present moment as an opportunity to practice. When you understand life and training as one, you understand that there is only improvement ahead of you...even when times are the most difficult.

Stay the course and continue to practice.

As you take on the day, here are some starting points to help you out...

How the Confront, Redirect, Avoid theory applies to your life:
Confront (Blocking) - Confront the tough issues that need to be delt with even when you want to run away.
Re-Direct (Passing) - Deal with any issues that are deemed less essential in a timely manner. Don't obsess over issues that are not of critical importance.
Avoid (Slipping) - Avoid negative energy at all times.
Knowing when to use Confront, Redirect and Avoid in life is just as critical as knowing when to use it in the ring.
Happy practicing!!!

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