Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sprint Mechanics Warm up with Grant Turner at York Muay Thai (video)

With summer approaching, time to work some explosiveness outside!!

Here is a message from Grant regarding the warm up:

"Quick summary and how to implement: Sprinting requires explosive movement of limbs and a stiff core. We prep with the dynamic warm-up as usual --8 per movement-- (if it's less you may not be getting warm enough or mobile enough). 

For sprinting we will ad the ankle mobilizing leg swings and three point touch (not shown in video, apologies) and some core and glute activation (bird dog and hip ups are fine)...the sprint specific stuff (leg recovery and pawing at ground in video) 20m or at least 15-20 per side increasing intensity/explosiveness throughout...the twitch stuff only requires 3-5 reps/2 sets in order to not fatigue you neurally and to simply prime the system for fast/on fast off...finally the 3 warm-up sprints are shorter, just giving you time to combine everything you just did...enjoy ;)"

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