Tuesday, August 18, 2015

DJ Soundclash at YMT this Saturday

Summer Fight Night is almost here! YMT only throws 2 shows a year, and we try to make them the best events possible!  In addition to delivering the action on time and smooth, we aim to round out the experience with plenty of merchandise, entertainment and services!

Let's introduce some of the local talent that will be filling our intermission with sick vibes, in the DJ Sound clash!

A swiss army knife got nothing on DJ Visuth! He's also an avid mathematician, dance instructor, martial arts connoisseur and has expert knowledge in Thai ring music. Nothing but the best on out.

Watch out for Jhade Credo (aka. florianvibes), repping the Jane & Finch Boys and Girls Club of Toronto! You can check out a teaser here:https://soundcloud.com/florianvibes.

A special thanks to all our sponsors and volunteers for your support!

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