Monday, August 24, 2015

Summer Fight Night Success!

From Kru Jen, to all participants of Summer Fight Night:
"Thank you for all the love and support you all showed tonight. I did not give birth.. So that's good I guess.
I often get told that the energy at the YMT events feel so positive and good. That is because of you guys, the community, the schools who come out, the Kru's who lead, the volunteers happy to help, the vendors eager to share their innovation and passion, the staff welcoming everyone and of course the fighters who expose their hearts in the ring.
This is not MY doing, but yours for all your effort. Thank you for always bringing the good vibes and choosing to spend your free Saturday night together at my school.
I may be slightly MIA for the next little while enjoying my son and husband (when he decides to fire himself out of there) but I will be back to return the support, help and love that you all showed me and my team.
A huge thank you goes out to my love Derrick Henriques. You work long hours then help out at the gym or home. I could not have pulled this off without your help and patience. You truly are the most important person to me. thank you.
My volunteers rocked it again tonight, thank you all for all your hard work.
Kru Cam Tang Poy, Poo Choi Constantine Kalsatos, Poo Choi Patrick Wallace, Poo Choi David Kim. I dont have words for how fantastic you have been. Running classes, keeping the gym going, training the fighters and man, they did fantastic. Im very proud of you all as you should be.
Nick Lopetegui, Sexy Alexei, Vlad and Mike Bonello. All of you were amazing. I could not be more proud of you all.
To all the schools, I humbly say thank you for coming and supporting. I hope you had fun. Brampton Muay Thai, Siam No.1, Training Ground Muay Thai, TKMT, Southside Muay Thai, Hamilton Muay Thai, TKO FA, Headrush Training Centre, Redemption Muay Thai, Old School Muay Thai.
My MTO peeps: Kru Brian Edwards and Michael Reid I owe you so much.Thank you for all your hard work.
Thank you Poo Choi Rolando Nuez /Nak Muay Key Chains and Rob Backstrom/ Ring Royalty for setting up shop and for donating the great prize packs as well as Singha Beer's Joann for sponsoring our event!
Much Love Respect and Believe"

Here are some snap shots from John and Terry:

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