Saturday, August 6, 2016

Embrace the Experience

Have you ever considered your training to be like an RPG (that's Role Playing Game for non gamers)?

With each run, work out, round of pads, sparring or clinching, you gain experience points that help you level up in those respective areas. Collectively, all of these things should help you level up your overall health and fighting performance.

Life may not be a video game, but one thing that does translate is this: the more challenges you take on, the greater the potential for growth.

In other words, find whatever it is that scares you or pushes you, and embrace the opportunity to grow from it. The path to success is not a short one. It will often take many steps before a true challenge is conquered. There will undoubtedly be multiple failures, but each one will help mold you into someone stronger than before.

Whether you plan on getting in the ring or not, remember: No easy fights. No excuses.

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