Thursday, September 24, 2009

A List of Farang to Watch

I post a lot of Thais fighting, but what about Farang? What's a Farang? It means foreigner, which applies to pretty much any non-Thai fighter.

I could list some very famous ones like Ramon Dekkers and John Wayne Parr, but you've not doubt seen a million clips of them.

I'm going to list some of the Farang that aren't always as talked about (some of which I covered here already). Youtube them or search them up. They are all great fighters for what they have accomplished, and worth studying.

THIS IS BY NO MEANS AN EXHAUSTIVE LIST! *in no particular order*:

Soren NTG/Eminent Air Mongkongton

an Australian who appeared in the Contender Asia, Soren has trained extensively in Thailand and has competed in the most competitive stadiums. He has a beautiful Thai style and is very technical

Cosmo Alexandre

a Brazilian fighter who also trains extensively in Thailand. He has had a bad rap for being a slow starter, and also got flack for his loss against Yodsanklai. Do not be fooled...he is a world class fighter with devastating counter knees and elbows.

Antuan "Shark boy" Sianboxing

this French fighter has actually been raised in many actually consider him Thai. He's pretty young (I don't think he's over 18), and he has some excellent timing and anticipation. He's scheduled to fight one of Thailand's best early next year, Khem Sor Pleonjit

Nathan "Carnage" Corbett

this Aussie actually gets a lot of attention. I'm listing him though because he does use Muay Thai's most dangerous weapon very well: the elbows. If you want to see some of the devastating potential you have in your elbows, watch some Carnage fights if you want a break from watching the Thais.

Rayen Simson

this fighter is a living legend. He's fought some of the best of his time: Sakmongkol, Yoddecha, etc. It would be worth it to search up his fights with those men, as they are some great wars.

Andrei "Bullet" Kulebin

probably the best fighter in Belarus, Andrei is a veteran of over 100 amateur fights, and his experience shows when he gets in the ring. He has some excellent timing and technique.

Clifton Brown

Canada's own Clifton Brown may not get all the attention he deserves. He has a very traditional style, strong kicks and excellent timing. You'll find in addition to his victories, he has some very harsh battles with Carnage and Kaoklai on youtube. He is without a doubt a seasoned competitor and a very good watch.

Valdet Gashi

this German fighter is young and has some great skill. One of his fights was with Thai legend Nung Ubon. Search it up. Valdet will probably become a bigger name in the near future.

Chris "Petchdam" Forster

I honestly don't know much about Petchdam. I have seen some of his highlights, and he looks pretty technical. If anyone can send me a link to some of his full fights, I'd be glad to post them up.
*edit*: Petchdam has some WMC titles, a WMPF title, and has fought in both Rajadamnern and Lumpini.

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