Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shoulder Prehab Workshop for Fighters by Michael Rideout

Sawadeekhup! YMT member Zena has shared with us a special opportunity. A friend of hers is giving a FREE workshop for fighters who need work on their shoulders!

It will be on Saturday, April 14, 2012, 5:00pm until 6:00pm.

If you have any questions you can call him ( Michael Rideout) at 416-802-5378 or email him at

facebook event:

A small description is below:

"A shoulder workshop for martial artists on how to reduce and prevent shoulder injury.

Fighters will learn...

** attendance is free **

- Teach fighters various, basic orthopedic & visual assessments to self assess:
• Muscular imbalances (weakness, tightness, over developed areas etc).
• Dysfunctional movement patterns due to imbalances.
• Muscle tests to identify potentially compromised joint areas (e.g. rotator cuff).
• Explain & demonstrate proper shoulder girdle & shoulder joint alignment so fighters can recognize dysfunction before it becomes severe.

- Cover in-depth information on corrective exercises, including
• Technical considerations for various exercises.
• The importance of tempo training in respect to correcting postural dysfunction.
• How to approach and structure a shoulder corrective/prehab program (how to begin, where to focus, how to progress etc)
• What to strengthen/activate, what not to, things to avoid.
• Explain how soft tissue/self-myofascial release and other manual therapy practices (e.g. foam rolling, trigger point therapy, muscle activation therapy etc) can be beneficial when appropriately applied.

While this workshop is catered towards martial artists, non martial artists will still find the principles and exercises beneficial.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Feel free to bring friends."

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