Sunday, March 11, 2012

Student of the Month (February 2012) and YMT Weekend in Review!

Huge congrats and thank you's are in order!

First off, congratulations to Justin for making student of the month! The picture says it all:

A congrats goes to Ian, Vitaly, Anita, Roman, Joel, Kent and Frank for being promoted to the next level. You guys show a lot of heart and skill, but remember that this is only the beginning. It is your work ethic and technique that will make you better, not a grading. We look forward to continuing our training with you!

Last but not least, thank you to all the Kru's and supporters that made YMT's party last night a success. A lot of YMT members stepped up and helped set up the event, and it would not have been complete without our friends in the community: Siam, Southside, Krudar, Training Ground, Old School MT, New Energy, Brampton, TKMT, Bloor Street, Kombat and anyone I am forgetting...
Special thanks to Marko Beatdown and Organo Gold Coffee!

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