Thursday, April 25, 2013

Joseph Valtellini vs. Murat Direkci- GLORY/kickboxing rules (video)

Here is a fight from GLORY world serie- probably the top kickboxing promotion in the world right now. Bear in mind that this is NOT Muay Thai. There are no elbows, clinch, and the pro rules are only 3 rounds (pro MT is 5 rounds). You also cannot knee more than once in a row after grabbing an opponent.

What this means is that the pace of the fights are much faster (less rounds, mostly punches and kicks forcing you to stay at a certain range for most of the fight), and the scoring is a little different.

That being said, Glory is incredibly entertaining, and can be a great side dish for those who watch full rules Muay Thai. It's important to see how the game changes when the weapons and range is limited. A lot great Muay Thai fighters also compete in Glory on the side as well, so you get to see how they adjust.

Joe Valtellini is one of these Muay Thai fighters. He comes from Toronto's Ultimate Martial Arts.

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