Friday, April 12, 2013

Songkran is upon us! Sawadee Pii Mai!!

Songkran (Thai new year) is upon us!

Sawadee Pii Mai!! (Happy New Year)

Info here: 

In Thailand, the water festival gets pretty wet, with people super soaking each other in the streets.

Last year, we celebrated by hosting an out door class that involved some water balloon tag relay racing. Yes, you read that right. Since our Canadian weather has decided to grace us with snow, we won't be doing any of that this year.

Instead, enjoy this photo collage of last year's fun from Stef Bernaudo:

and a video of course:

In addition, our family at Siam no 1 will be hosting an event with food and exhibitions for Songkran:


and last but not least (!):  Our friend G from Hamilton Muay Thai, who's been beasting it out in our classes is going to be participating in an exhibition at TKMT as well!

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