Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Offense/Defense...timing. Yin and Yang.

When we begin learning techniques, we tend to think of them as offensive or defensive, in strict categories. Strikes are offensive, blocks are defensive, this movement is this or that.

However, martial arts in motion is more complex than a strict offensive/defensive dichotomy. There is no single "ball" or "puck" in possession.

Offense and defense are two sides of the same coin. With patience and timing, any movement can become more versatile than we initially believe.

A timed high kick allows Buakaw to avoid this punch, and strike his opponent at the same time 

The way we look at conflict and problem solving gets deeper all of the sudden.

Sometimes it pays off to be single minded and just offensive, and sometimes it pays off to be just defensive. But at any moment, there is an opportunity to use both in a much more potent way.

 And now, a video of the master of timing:

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