Sunday, October 30, 2011

Breast Cancer Handrwraps for sale! Support the Cause!

York Muay Thai and many other gyms around the GTA are now selling Pink Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Handwraps. Proceeds go to the CBCF. Band is free with purchase! The funds collected will be donated to the CBCF on behalf of the Muay Thai community.

A huge thanks goes out to PC Matt Perez from Southside for the idea and execution!

MPL fights and Into the Fire Episode 2

By popular demand, Warrior Caste Productions and the MPL have uploaded Into the Fire Episode 2 on Vimeo (featuring Bad Boy, whom most of you have seen or met).

Also, for a limited time, Ky Hollenbeck vs Jordan Watson is on the channel. It seems MPL has been uploading popular fights from their cards for short periods of time. Just a few days ago, they had Liam Harrison vs Khamal, whi is now off the channel. Watch them while they are up!



New Blue Shorts! Sibbio, Dr Stef, Zena, Vicky, Oshry, Zhang, Allen, Mel, Sugi and Tenzin all passed their blue.

Blue is one of the few gradings we have in our system of teaching. It pushes students' conditioning and tests their basic Muay Thai technique. These Blue students are now challenged to push themselves to develop further in learning, fighting, coaching and conditioning. With what we have seen so far, we expect all of them to make us proud :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Congratulations Matt!

Matt Embree took home the WMC North American title by defeating Josh Palmer last night at the Journey Fight Series Tournament final last night. Amazing work, Matt!

a screen cap picture from Kru Nick.

Here are the pics from the fight (photos continually added):

Here is a write up from Kru N, who watched the live stream:

and a write up by

Monday, October 17, 2011

Student of the Month (September '11): Terry

Muscle Confusion?

Here is a great article on the truth behind muscle confusion. Try not to get confused!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

YMT rocks the Marathon again

Way to go YMT! We had Zhang, Terry, Patrick, PC Lindor, PC Andrew Poon from Victory and Gaja running the Scotia this morning! Good job everyone!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Join Fitocracy

Thanks to Science Guy for hooking us up! Here's Fitocracy, the social game you play to level up your fitness.

It's pretty much a way to log your workouts, and get "points" that level you up. As you level up, you get quests (that challenge you to do progressively harder things and give you more points). It's basically an RPG for your fitness.

Yes, you can be lame and cheat and say you did a thousand push ups. But really, only you lose, cause your body will show it. And the really fit people will just hate on you harder. So don't be lame!

If you are interested, go to the invite link below, create a profile, then search and join the "York Muay Thai" group :)


Thanksgiving Fight Post

Hope you are enjoying the weekend with loved ones! Here is some old school MT action to tide you over. It's a good brawl :)


Friday, October 7, 2011

Thanksgiving hours

ATTENTION MEMBERS: York Muay Thai will be closed Saturday with the exception of the Mom/Dad and ME class at 10:30am. We will remain closed until Tuesday at 11am.

Saturday October 8th - 10:30am - Mom/Dad and ME!
Sunday October 9th - CLOSED NO YOGA
Monday October 10th - CLOSED

Enjoy Your weekend!!!

PS. Fighters will be in all 3 days. If you want to come train speak to Arash, Patrick or Durst...they will have an arranged time for the gym to be open :)

Woman Fight for the Cure: November 12, 2011

Most everyone knows someone who has fought against cancer. More and more people are winning the fight. Raising awareness and giving support are things we can do to help win the fight against cancer.

Ajahn Suchart and his female students at Siam No.1 have organized a night to raise money to support the Princess Margaret Hospital.
On November 12th at Siam №1 Woodbridge, strong female athletes from across Ontario will meet to demonstrate Muay Thai in the ring to support the strong women who fight breast cancer in their lives.

Please join us as we work together to celebrate the strength of women and to support the fight for the cure for breast cancer.

Doors open at 5:30 and festivities begin 7pm.
General tickets: $35
VIP tickets: $50
Round table seating WITH dinner $100 [or $1000 per table (10 tickets)]
NOTE there are only FIVE ROUND TABLES for the evening.
Space is limited but donations are not. Tax receipts available.

Contact Ajahn Suchar 416-710-6696 to reserve your spot today!!