Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pob Khun Mai

Hey everyone, it's PC Cam. So I'm off to Thailand tmrw for the next 5 weeks. I'll do my best to update you guys weekly here and on facebook. Not sure how often I'll be going to a computer, but then again, it's me....I love my internet.

Anyways, keep training hard. I hope to come back and see everyone still strong and getting better. I love training (with) you guys and look forward to sharing more with you when I return.

Love, Respect and Believe.

Student of the Month (June 12, 2012): Sumo!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jungle Training Session 2!

Starts July 15th! 10 am- 11 am!

If you missed out on the first session you won't want to miss the second one. For those getting ready for Tough Mudder in August or just looking to improve fitness, here is your preparation!

This session runs for 12 weeks!
Ken Sylvan and Bharat Oza with Neurofit Life Systems have worked with professional athletes and high level athletes from all over.

YMT Members - $99
Non YMT members $120
Single classes $20.00

Must have a minimum of 6 people to continue this session.

Mandatory Fight Team Meeting

Tuesday, July 17, 2012
9:00pm until 9:45pm

Please join me for a meeting with your Kru's. We need to discuss a few changes within the gym and fights. I would like the PC's and Kru's to come.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Iowa Updates! Gold for YMT!

What a day!

First shout outs to Southside Muay Thai who not only won the Team trophy, but also nabbed a ton of gold!

Kru Brian Naidu had one of his juniors also take home the gold!

On to our fighters...

Puppy fought against a game opponent who literally would not stop. Puppy fired back the best he could but couldn't get himself ahead. It was a tough fight, but Puppy never stopped. He brings home a Silver medal.

Durst fought last, against another game opponent. This time, the first round might have gone to his opponent, who had a good quick jab and would tie him up some tricky lower back clinch holds. Durst didn't seem to adjust or get his rhythm until round two, when he started to turn his opponent and get better leverage for knees in the clinch. I would personally give this round to Durst by a narrow margin. I'd say he managed to squeak by in the last half. If I know Kru Jen, she was probably telling him to get some more space for them knees.

Needless to say, that's what Durst did. In round 3 he managed to get the upper hand in the clinch and fired off volleys of straight knees. His opponent's corner threw in the towel half way through the round.

Durst is now the TBA SA 2012 tournament champ by way of tko!

Congratulations to all the fighters for putting in the hard work to be there, and thank you for your efforts in representing your team. We all watched and supported back home.

Safe trip home!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Iowa updates

PC Pat got clipped in round 1 and lost via TKO. We are happy to know that he is alright and safe.

Leo won his bout by tko round 2, with straight knees non stop.

Robin fought hard and lost a decision. The stream was very laggy, but our sources say they had Robin winning that fight. Unfortunately, you are at the mercy of the judges when there is no KO. We are happy to know Robin is ok and represented well.

I saw Durst's fight on a clean stream, and he won a decision. He did very well, using his high kicks and transitioning to his other weapons very well. 

This means Leo advances to the finals, and probably Durst as well (I'm not sure if he has another fight)...Chok Dee everyone!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Iowa Updates

We set up a projector in the gym and watched first elimination fights on a very laggy stream.

PC Dave fought a war, using all his weapons. Unfortunately, the close battle went the way of his opponent. We were all going crazy cheering for him.

OJ fought an opponent much taller than him and was able to knock him down twice.

The others fight tomorrow. Chok Dee everyone

Fighters Safely and Successfully in Iowa! Weigh ins complete...

All fighters made weight! PC Dave moved down to the 165 lbs category from 172, since he became more shredded than expected from training. He has been sitting comfortably at the weight for a while, so it's a stroke of fortune that the category had an opening for him.

All I have right now is this picture of Durst weighing in from Kru Brian Naidu. Durst is our 172lbs b-class representative!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Watch the fights! Friday!!!

For those interested, Arash and I will be trying to get a projector and watch the fights at the gym. I believe they start 2ish on Friday, Iowa time....which is 3ish over here.

You are all welcome to stop by and come watch. No guarantee when our guys will be on, but hopefully we will catch them :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Team YMT prepares to leave for TBA-SA tournament in Iowa!

Chok Dee to team York Muay Thai this weekend! PC Pat, Durst, OJ, Robin, Pc Dave and Leo are representing us and Ontario in the TBA-SA tournament in Iowa!

The tournament weigh ins are tomorrow, and the fights begin Friday. The fighters are faced with the challenge of winning 3 in 3 days to take home the gold.

Kru Jen, Pc Geny and Daniel will be going to help coach.

You can watch the action streaming live here:

That means you are at my mercy for the next 5 days :)

Also: The gym will be CLOSED AFTER the 1130 class on Saturday (1:30pm). There will be NO fighter class.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Runathon Success!

Our TBA athletes, plus Terry and PC Jenny, successfully completed their 16 kilometer run to raise funds to send our fighters to Iowa.

Durst, Robin and Puppy were the first wave, coming in at 1:15. PC Pat was just minutes behind. PC Dave, Terry and OJ came in next. PC Jenny was unsure of the route, and decided to run extra just to be safe. "Better to run more than less", she said.

Thank you for your support! If you still want to, you can sponsor an athlete. The team leaves THIS Wednesday!