Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good Luck Nic!

Good Luck to our friend Nic Du Preez, one of Kru Jen's hardest working fighters who is going to B.C. for his first no gear fight this weekend (Saturday May 2).

For those of us in Canada where Muay Thai is not as developed nor has much support from the government, the chance to fight without gear is a big step. Nic has been working hard and earned his right to take on this challenge, and we are sure he will do well.

Kru Jen will be flying out with Nic, Kru Mina and Margaret Moriezwic to corner all 3 of them for their fights.

Best of luck to all, and safe travels.

Nic and Kru at Nic's second fight, which he won

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Club Night Pics Part 2 (YUMT @ Frequency)

Here's some more from Arash that I actually didn't know he took:

*These are also on Facebook under Arashs profile and I uploaded them to mine go tag your badselves if need be.

Direct Link:

Thanks Arash!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

YUMT @ Frequency Night club (April 25th, 09) Pictures

Who you gon' call when you want something done? Poo to the Choi. That's who. I joke, I joke....and I'm not funny lol

*I will upload Sparfest pics soon. Kevin put some on Facebook, but I'm waiting on Serge and G's photos so I can upload them in one shot*

But for those who asked, here are pictures from the club night:

Here's a link to the album:

Not to get cocky...but we're a pretty good looking bunch.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Update

Sawadeekhup all

Pictures will be up soon...I think Serge, G and Kevin took them

Sparfest went well this last Saturday, April

Here's a super grainy picture to tide you over until we get some more

A congratulations to Arash, Vlad, Serge, Brian and Nic. I got in there too (and had my family jewels abused through my steel cup), but anyways...Good job to everyone for getting in there and learning. That's what this is all about: learning.

Vlad, Brian and Nic had particularly challenging experiences, and showed a lot of character and skill.

A big thanks to the following people for making this learning experience great:

Kombat Arts for hosting the event and supporting us

Our friends at Southside for their continued support and respect

Brian for lending us his gear

PooChoi Lindor for his dedication and guidance

Last but not least, a huge thanks to our very own Kru. She worked with all of us, drove half of us, warmed us all up, and cornered everyone.

Club Night

A shout out to everyone who made it out to the club night. You guys are a great crowd, and it was nice to enjoy the night. My most distinct memory is lollipops lol.

And huge thanks to Eric for hooking us up!

Pics will be up eventually...I can't upload them where I'm from right now.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Runathon Pledge Forms

Here they are if you missed them or want to give your friends some

Download here:

If that doesn't work...either you don't know how to download stuff from here or the file expired. Let me know by posting on this post.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Writing Things Down

If you haven't been doing so already, it's definitely a good idea to keep a log of all the things you learn in Muay Thai (just like in school).

Personally, I'll (try to) write exactly what the pads or drills were done each class, and sometimes I'll write down how I felt doing each set of pads/drills

This way, I'll always have a reference for techniques, as well as a way to keep track of what kind of things to work on if I'm training alone. It is also useful for keeping track of your progress (did my left kick feel better today than it did last week?).

The last thing I might write is any kind of comment or statement that an instructor makes that really stands out to me. This can be an analogy for a technique, or something motivational that relates to whatever I'm working on at the moment.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Attention YUMT Members: About the Runathon and Participating

From Kru:

Sawadeekha Guys,

I have NEW pledge forms available in tomorrow's class. Please throw out the current ones and please make sure ALL relevant information is filled out so we can send the donor updates after the event.

Once again, you don't have to run, we encourage other senior fighters to run to help us raise money, but other a donation or just support will be awesome.

I need a list of volunteers to man watering stations along with sign making etc as soon as possible.
Please post on the facebook event if you can help in anyways and I will make a list of volunteers.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fundraiser Run-a-thon: Please Help Send our Fighters to Iowa!

Saturday, May 16, 2009
Time: 10:00am - 1:00pm
Location: York University


Kru, Poo Choi Cam, Poo Choi Nic and Poo Choi Brian will be headed down to Iowa where Nic and Cam will be competing in a 3-day tournament.

Nic in the Mens B Class Super Welterweight (145.1 lbs-155):

Cam in the Mens Novice Featherweight (125lbs & under):

The purpose of the Run-A-Thon is to help support our athletes and raise money to financially aid them.

As Iowa is a 14 hour drive, we will be flying to Iowa thus, we need your help!

Anyone can and is encouraged to participate in the Run-A-Thon. Each person will run a total of 15 kilometers throughout the beautiful York University Campus. Stations will be set up for water and to map the run.

All pledges $25.00 or more get a FREE York U T-Shirt!

Kru will be handing out pledge forms this week in class.

So get out there and run! Get sponsors and support our team!

If you have been invited to the event, feel free to participate, pledge a runner or just come down and show support, we appreciate it all.

For more information on the tournament:

Thank you in advance!


Clinch techniques...and Viagra.

A commercial featuring muay thai...and viagra. lol
It's pretty funny.



Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Uppercut Fail



This is soooo worth watching.


Sean Wright after an elbow from Soren

Kru thought you all might enjoy that

Sunday, April 12, 2009

No "Kickboxing" in Thailand?

One great resource for Muay Thai news straight from Thailand is

You can find a lot of reports and results for high profile fights here.

Anyways, this particular article is just one I found interesting. Basically, the sports minister does not want to allow kickboxing sanctioned in Thailand.

As found on <>:

"Thailand’s sports minister says he will not allow the sport authorities to certify the “Kickboxing Association of Thailand”.

Minister of Tourism and Sports Chumpol Silpa-archa, in a meeting of the Sport Authority of Thailand (SAT) board on April 9 in Bangkok, said he personally opposes the establishment of the “Kickboxing Association of Thailand” that will require a registration with the SAT, and said he will specifically disallow use of the word “of Thailand” in the name. He claimed that the kickboxing sport has “copied” muaythai.

In the board meeting, the minister has appointed Suphanburi Governor Somsak Phurisrisak as a SAT board member replacing Worawee Magudee who resigned from his post. The board has also approved an annual budget of 42 million Baht for the SAT and has decided to set up an evaluation committee that will monitor the works of 52 sport associations under the SAT.

The minister said the evaluation would promote transparency of operation and development of sport, while determining the amount of budget each association would receive from the SAT.

In addition, the board has increased the salary of SAT Governor Kanokpan Jullakasem to about 190,000 Baht per month for his performance evaluation score of 93 out of 100. The board has also approved the SAT plan to request for 8.3 billion Baht from the government."

Friday, April 10, 2009

Siam Woodbridge Drop in Classes for Seniors

As most of you know, a select few of the fighters/seniors were offered the chance to train at Siam no1 Woodbridge for the weekend as Tait is closed. However, in a spell of douchebaggery, some of us had plans come up and did not tell Kru until it was too late (well, I'm speaking as if it were all of us, which is not be the case. But anyways...)

So, this is just a notice for any of the other seniors who were offered and plan to go that the regular drop in fee is in order. As well, an apology from myself and whoever else to Kru, who always works to keep us training.

Just a reminder for all of us that it is our responsibility to keep her informed about our training, availabilities etc, (ex. if we are going to be missing a session) and especially when she is trying to give us special arrangements to go elsewhere to train.

Some people send me msgs since I may be easier to contact (if you see me on campus or post on facebook). However, please try to reach Kru directly first, or at least carbon copy her on any msgs you send me regarding training.

Anyways it looks like its going to be great weather to run.

Happy long/Easter weekend.

Tait Closed for Long Weekend

NO class this weekend. The Tait building itself is closed, so nothing is open. Have a great long weekend/ Easter/ whatever you celebrate, if anything at all.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Proxy Sites!

Here is a post mainly for Kru, Arash and Niloo, who have complained work has blocked favourite web pages. I'm not saying you SHOULD surf at work, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to check your email right?

"All Proxy Sites maintains a list of currently active proxy sites which enable visitors to browse the web anonymously.

These proxy sites are extremely useful to circumvent content filters like SmartFilter and WebSense. This allows people to browse the web unhindered at school or work."

Note that some proxy sites are blocked from work places already. If so...just google "proxy sites" and keep looking for one that works. It shouldn't be too hard as I've tested it on other "workplace computers" before.

If the YUMT blog get blocked from work (!), you'll know how to view it. :)

Hope this works for you.

Champions of Champions 2, 2009 Jamaica

Here's a post for those of you wondering more about the Jamaica fights we've been mentioning in class.

sigh, I'm going to go broke after Iowa. This is being hyped up to be an amazing show. If you can, you should definitely make it out.

Champions of Champions II- Montego Bay, Jamaica


June 26, 2009
Montego Bay, Jamaica

The Worlds Best MuayThai Fighters Unite to Raise funds for CCGI Children's Charity.

Celbrity Golf, Comedy Night, MuayThai, Beachathon, Gala

For Event and Package info contact:

Shernalee Stephenson
303 North Glenoaks Blvd. Suite 660
Burbank, CA 91502

GO HERE:, for more info and official promotional posters for the event

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Upcoming events:

Dec 9

Dec 10

Our Annual Holiday Party is upon us!

Don't miss authentic Thai food served during our presentation. This event is always a wonderful event celebrating the year and taking time out to socialize and appreciate one another.



Fresh Rolls, Fried Rolls, Mango salad.
Basil Chicken
Curry Beef
Pad Thai
Fried Banana
Green Tea Ice Cream
** Coffee/tea/alcohol EXTRA**

Junior Student of the Year
Senior Student of the Year
Fighter of the Year
Most Improved Junior Student of the Year
Most Improved Senior Student of the Year
Instructor of the Year
Best Nickname of the Year

We give away lots of gear and fun stuff! If your number gets chosen you get to choose a door from the Holiday Tree and win a prize! WOOOT!

This year was HUGE for us on the competitive seen as we had such a strong fight team and so many great results.

Check out our Annual Highlight Reel made by Poo Choi Patrick and Kru Cam!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Get Running, Get Sprinting!

Group runs meet at 5:45 in the lobby of Tait. This Tuesday, fighters need to start their stair sprints again. This means the fighters should do the 2km route to warm up and then head to the stairs for sprints, every Tuesday.

Brian and I trying to beat our previous time on the sprint

A big high five (I don't know what else to give you) to all the students who have picked up on the running and are getting out there this semester:
Yvgennia, Kevin, Kari, Longdy, Niloo (I may be forgetting people...).

I've seen you guys pick up the running and push yourselves each time before class. Every time I've waited around for the group run, I've seen some of these people show up. I know the others are trying to run on their own according to their schedules.

Upcoming Events: Dinner, Sparring, Clubs

Chris S's going away dinner:
It will be on Thursday April 9th, right after class. The Boston Pizza is located near Downsview subway station. Come out and say a tearful goodbye to Chris S before he leaves for Aylmer... of all places. Oh and eat and drink too.. Very important points.

A nice way to start the long weekend.

NO CLASS on April 11 and 12th:
Easter weekend. Relax while you can ;)


April 25th
, come out and support Arash, Vlad, Serge, Brian, Cam, and possibly some of newer students as they participate in this hard sparring event. Names will be announced soon.

Club Night:
April 25th, the night of Sparfest (after we've been beaten or giving beatings), we'll be hitting up a club and having some fun. Fighters, you are all on Kru's "no drinking" list. Club is TBA


Friday, April 3, 2009

More Exchanges: Clifton Brown and Buakao video

Here's video of Siam No.1 Toronto's own Clifton Brown doing some technical sparring with Buakao (fast fwd to 1:00). Thanks to Kru for bringing this to my attention. Enjoy!


yes, I took the time to crop these stills lol

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thai Exchanges: Buakao vs Namsaknoi video

So in the spirit of our last class (where we did some exchanging kicks), here's a video with some of that. In a lot of classical style Thai fights, exchanging kicks back and forth is something you'll see alot.

It's very Thai style for them to just exchange kicks until one of them wants to stop taking it, and mix it up again (at least I think that's what it is lol).

You'll recall I posted about Namsaknoi (former multiple title holder in Thailand) a while back? Well, he and Buakao recently did a demo (exhibition).

It's not too much to watch, since they're really just playin' around, but I thought some of you might want to see it. Actually, Buakao puts in a few choice shots....anyways, check it out. They have some good exchanges here (one of them is at 5:48), and it's easier to see since they aren't going full out.

(found it on K-1 fans forums)