Saturday, March 31, 2012

April Schedule (including holidays!)

Sawadeekha YMT!

Here is the schedule for the month of April: includes our holiday hours, and events the Toronto MT community!

April 6th - Closed for Good Friday
April 7th Saturday - Blue Shorts Class is BACK and so are hill sprints @ 12:30PM
Also, Southside is having demonstrations at 6PM
April 8th - Closed for Easter Sunday
April 14th Saturday - Sparfest at Kombat Arts be ready for 1pm
April 15th Sunday - Strength and Conditioning with Ken at 10am
April 28th Saturday - TKMT Demos at 6pm


Weekend Fight Post: Diesellek vs Youssef Kiatphet

Here is a pretty good fight between Diesellek, a well known Thai fighter and Youssef Kiatphet.

You might notice Diesellek favours his lead (and switch) left kick. The angle that this lands with makes it very useful.

Youssef is a pretty well rounded fighter himself.
Other than a couple slow down hiccups in the middle of the video, it's a good watch.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Advanced class on Saturdays!- Hill Sprints before!


A notice that Kru Jen has brought back an advanced class on Saturday. Start time at the gym will be 1:30, but the fighters in training will be meeting at Earl Bales to sprint the hills at 12:30.

Please see Kru for more details!

Shoulder Prehab Workshop for Fighters by Michael Rideout

Sawadeekhup! YMT member Zena has shared with us a special opportunity. A friend of hers is giving a FREE workshop for fighters who need work on their shoulders!

It will be on Saturday, April 14, 2012, 5:00pm until 6:00pm.

If you have any questions you can call him ( Michael Rideout) at 416-802-5378 or email him at

facebook event:

A small description is below:

"A shoulder workshop for martial artists on how to reduce and prevent shoulder injury.

Fighters will learn...

** attendance is free **

- Teach fighters various, basic orthopedic & visual assessments to self assess:
• Muscular imbalances (weakness, tightness, over developed areas etc).
• Dysfunctional movement patterns due to imbalances.
• Muscle tests to identify potentially compromised joint areas (e.g. rotator cuff).
• Explain & demonstrate proper shoulder girdle & shoulder joint alignment so fighters can recognize dysfunction before it becomes severe.

- Cover in-depth information on corrective exercises, including
• Technical considerations for various exercises.
• The importance of tempo training in respect to correcting postural dysfunction.
• How to approach and structure a shoulder corrective/prehab program (how to begin, where to focus, how to progress etc)
• What to strengthen/activate, what not to, things to avoid.
• Explain how soft tissue/self-myofascial release and other manual therapy practices (e.g. foam rolling, trigger point therapy, muscle activation therapy etc) can be beneficial when appropriately applied.

While this workshop is catered towards martial artists, non martial artists will still find the principles and exercises beneficial.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Feel free to bring friends."

Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Pass it On" video

It is the chosen path of every instructor, whether or not they call themselves "Kru" or "Ajahn", to pass it on:

This is just a nifty video I saw posted in a couple places. For the uninitiated, there is some star power behind the casting.

Samat Payakaroon, who I've covered many times in this blog, plays the camp's head trainer or Kru. Samat is arguably the best Muay Thai fighter to have walked the planet, and was even a top boxer in his time.

His protege is played by Moses Tor Sangtiennoi, the son of the famous fighter Sangtiennoi Sor Rungrot. Moses himself is a very successful fighter.

Sangtiennoi Sor Rungrot was one of the most famous fighters of his time. He had the nickname "The Deadly Kisser", because he, um...kissed his opponents before fighting.
Yeah...uh...well, the important part is the "Deadly".

Sangtiennoi is at the end of the video, accepting a new student...fitting that he should play the older version of his son.

Anyways, thought you all might enjoy that.

Weekend Fight Post: Morad Sari vs Samranchai 96 Penang (video)

This is probably a kick boxing fight (definitely no elbows, and looks like limited clinch), but it's interesting to watch. Taking away elbows from the rules can affect a fighter, but what really does it is the breaking of the clinch. It nullifies an entire range of the Thai fighter's abilities and counters to the punches and kicks of the opponent. It's sometimes interesting to see how they deal with it. Buakaw is a popular example of a Thai fighter making having the deal without clinch.

Samranchai is also among the Thais who have fought many times outside of Thailand, and had success. He's of a slightly older generation than Buakaw if I'm not mistaken.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Action: Aikpracha Meenayothin vs Fabio Pinca (video)

You may have heard that Buakaw has pulled out of the game for an indefinite amount of time...and as such, many of his fights have been cancelled.

This includes his bout with Fabio Pinca, a French fighter who is rated highly among the non-Thai MT community. Fabio is an aggressive fighter who defeated top Thai talent Petchmongkol and Youssef Boughem to take home the "Thai Fight" tournament title. He was expected to be a good fight for Buakaw.

After Buakaw pulled out, the promoters called in Aikpracha Meenayothin. Aikpracha is a Toyota tournament Champion (like Buakaw) who has been steadily winning in the 147lbs division. If you have never seen him fight before, this is a good one to get acquainted with him.


Just my personal feeling- I like Aikpracha's sense of range. He doesn't stay stagnant or block up too long. Once his opponent is in range, he always has a technique ready to go. He keeps control of the fight at all times.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Strength and Conditioning Class @YMT- March 25th (FREE)

You don't want to miss this! This class will help you with your strength and conditioning. This is a FREE opportunity to work with the most knowledgable in the business of training and nutrition: Neurofit Life systems!

It will also prepare you for the upcoming tournaments and the tough mudder race!

Neurofit will be here Sunday March 25 @ 10 am

Simon Marcus vs Kaoklai: WPMF title fight (full fight video)

This is the complete Simon vs Kaoklai: WPMF Light Heavy Weight World Title: (additional rounds found on sidebar or channel)

Image from, by Erik Teer:

Friday, March 16, 2012

Simon Marcus brings the WPMF World Title home to Canada!

Congratulations to Toronto's own Simon Marcus for winning the WPMF world title! Simon fought Kaoklai Kaenorrsing for 5 rounds in dominant fashion, and comfortably took the win. With this win, we look forward to cheering him on in his next bout with Joe Schilling in May, and then Artem Levin for the WBC title in June.

Also noteworthy...Matt Embree is rumoured to be fighting Kevin Ross in May on the same card that Simon will rematch with Joe:

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Take a look at Sagetdao/Sakkedao (video vs Kevin Ross)

This is a fighter I had mentioned in one of our classes. Sometimes Kru Jen sees students hitting the bag or shadowboxing... and they end up trying to do too much without first solidifying their base. Muay Thai fighters definitely have their own personal skill, but when you are a humble student as the rest of us are, you have to put in quality time with the basics.

Case in point. Here is the "anti Saenchai": Sagetdao. He is Lumpinee stadium champion who has been in there with many of the best, including Saenchai himself (on several occasions in fact, and has his share of wins). Do I think Sagetdao is the best fighter? Nope. But he has proven time and time again he is successful at the top level.

^a beautiful picture by Scott Hirano of Sagetdao training

Sagetdao is kind of boring to watch to someone who does not understand Muay Thai. He is so basic and methodical that you don't really appreciate how much damage he has done unless you're familiar with the weapons of Muay Thai.

In the following video, Sagetdao fights one of North America's top talents, Kevin Ross. You'll see that Ross is an aggresive and very skilled fighter. Ross has slick combinations and even a fairly accurate spinning elbow. He is definitely a great fighter. Sagetdao, on the other hand, displays his mastery over simple basic technique, and pulls ahead as the fight goes on. When faced with a powerful opponent, he stays patient and puts his basic technique to work. Check it out...


A note: Sagetdao certainly has his weaknesses, just as all fighters do. In his most recent bout with Saenchai, he loses pretty soundly on points. I just want to show you that there is so much you can do with good basics and timing if you practice it right.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sudsakorn vs Marco Pique (video)

Some weekend action for you...From the Yokkao Extreme Show in Italy


Simon Marcus Interview- talks Kaoklai and Joe Schilling (

Bad Bwoy talks Kaoklai and Joe Schilling with

Student of the Month (February 2012) and YMT Weekend in Review!

Huge congrats and thank you's are in order!

First off, congratulations to Justin for making student of the month! The picture says it all:

A congrats goes to Ian, Vitaly, Anita, Roman, Joel, Kent and Frank for being promoted to the next level. You guys show a lot of heart and skill, but remember that this is only the beginning. It is your work ethic and technique that will make you better, not a grading. We look forward to continuing our training with you!

Last but not least, thank you to all the Kru's and supporters that made YMT's party last night a success. A lot of YMT members stepped up and helped set up the event, and it would not have been complete without our friends in the community: Siam, Southside, Krudar, Training Ground, Old School MT, New Energy, Brampton, TKMT, Bloor Street, Kombat and anyone I am forgetting...
Special thanks to Marko Beatdown and Organo Gold Coffee!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend fight Video: Pakorn vs Wanchalerm

Pakorn is a well known fighter in the Lumpinee and Raja circuits, having had one of the greatest Muay Thai fights in recent times against Porsanae Sitmonchai. Here he fight Wanchalerm, who is steadily becoming one of the young rising stars in Thailand.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chok Dee!

PC Gen and Joben head to Buffalo to represent YMT at Castricone's Muay Thai fight night!

We wish them luck and safe itssss!