Saturday, January 28, 2017

Pad Holding Seminar 1 complete!

 On Jan 28 2017, York Muay Thai held a free pad holding clinic for its students. This was the first in a series of seminars designed to help develop everyone's ability to build their partners, who will in turn build them.

This first seminar focused on the very basics of holding for specific techniques- Body mechanics that help reduce the risk of injury (Kru Jen is able to hold for men who out weigh her by up to 70 lbs through pad holding technique, which she introduced this seminar). Drills focused on developing the pad holders ability to adjust their technique to increase intensities of power.

The body mechanics discussed also allowed for the striker to develop better aim and as such, reduce the risk of injury to themselves as well. 

We then focused on the verbal and physical cues that a pad holder can use to command and guide a partner, reducing confusion and increasing synchronicity. Communication after any set of drills was key in order for both the pad holder and striker to develop a better relationship.

Lastly we focused on etiquette- how to make small adjustments to your partner and improve their technique, without over stepping your level of experience or getting in the way of their practice.

Students had the opportunity to ask questions, and gain plenty of practical experience.
It was a pleasure to see more than half of the students stay back after the class ended to continue practicing with others.

In future installments, we will go through free style pad holding, fighter pad holding and more.

Mom Dad and Me Class Snippets

It's a mom, dad and me morning! Kids and parents heating up the gym with some fun drills :) Since 2010, we've been offering parents and kids in the North York area a class to train together on Saturday mornings! #buildingfamilies

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Pad holding seminar at YMT, Sat Jan 28, 12 pm

For all YMT students, come out to the FREE pad holding seminar at 12pm this Saturday Jan 28!
Improve your pad holding skills, and of course get to hit pads too!

This will take place over the regularly scheduled 1230 class.

Go Pro Pads at York Muay Thai

Socks are essential for that Canadian winter ;)

Sunday, January 15, 2017

FREE Meals with $199 Holiday Promo

If you haven't jumped on our promo yet, check it out!  This is one of the best deals in the city right now :)  BUT we are also ADDING IN MORE FOR FREE!   Until Feb 1, if you purchase this promo, you can get 2 FREE Meals from Marble Meals! 

What is Marble Meals?? 
Do you find it hard to get meals made on time, let alone make them healthy? Finding yourself dipping into Timmies or McDonald's for lunch and dinner?  If you haven't tried Marble Meals, you need to check it out.

For $15 a meal, you can enjoy something from the home kitchen of Red Seal Chef and Certified Nutrition Manager (as well as Muay Thai trainee), Karen! She delivers all across the North York area, as well as directly to YMT. 

Glory 37 Stream at YMT!

We will be viewing Matt Embree's Glory title shot on Friday Jan 20th at 10:30pm via UFC FightPass :)

Come on out...BYO food, booze and enjoy the fights!

Twins Shin Guards at YMT

In addition to all of the high quality Twins gear currently at YMT, we now have shin guards also available for sale. These are compact, but also made of a durable leather for maximum of the best brands in the world.