Sunday, March 29, 2015

What a Night!

The York Muay Thai Exhibition Fight Night was a huge success!  

Live music performed by Crunchy Roll   and DJ Visuth,  Kirby and Gaston emceeing,  $10 haircuts by YMT students and Toronto barbers Khris and Alvin, a Lip sync battle which Kru Brian from Training Ground won the hearts of the children, Gary Goodridge and Jean's daughters presenting the medals, and of course the athletes who put on a craaaazy show of skill and heart!   How's that for a run on sentence??

After these pictures, you can see Kru Jen's full thank you message. Also, stay tuned for pictures from YMT's true photography genius, Johnny Tang!

Till then, here are some quick pics (also found on instragram #yorkmuaythai):

Visuth ready to spin!

Crunch Roll Band jammin live!

Khris cutting KC

Alvin and Khris at Work

Alvin doing what he loves

Full house!

Gary Goodridge, Canadian K-1 and MMA legend, with his two helpers giving out athlete participation medals:

Shanks repping YMT

Michael Science Guy repping YMT

Crunchy roll jammin, lip sync battles and demos:

"I don't know what to say but Thank you to everyone who came out last night. I was not expecting that at all. I hope you enjoy the fights, The Crunchy Roll Band and the Lip Sync battle namley Kru Brian Edwards killing it to Slick Rick.
To the gyms both the ones that could make it and the ones that couldn't. Thank you I know with so many fights happening now demonstrations take a back seat but you all came through with amazing matches! SouthSide Muay Thai you never ever let me down. your team looked great. Thank you Kru Bruce Ong. Kru Raul Rojas for jumping in to ref! thank you Yassir Saleh for being a dope Emcee!! Much love. Team Redemption Muay Thai for somehow giving me 4 fighters and saving my card while you both were in Iowa. Jake Mackenzie did a bang up job!! Team TKO and Kru Chris Greig for coming all that way for 1 fighter and Kru Yai Jay and Jeff Witzel for doing the samez my heart is warm and fuzzy. Siam No.1: Ajahn Suchart and Kru Adam Wright you guys filled in all the blanks and came through big time. i love you guys. Don Wonch and his beautiful lady for coming and spending their saturday with us from Hamilton. Great finally getting to meet you, great fight. Brampton Muay Thai and Kru Nick Bautista who is always ready to jump in where he can to help. You are my family. Thank You. Ajahn Amnat Yodkwain and team TKMT. I was so happy you came and your fighters did awesome. Thank you. thank you Kru Danny Beauclerc it was fantastic meeting you and your wife finally. I appreciate your support so much. Siam Woodbridge and Kru Ray. My friend you always come through. much love to you. Kru Brian Edwards and Training Ground, thank you for doing 10 different jobs in 1 night with ease! thank you! Kru Benson Virtucio and K2! Thank you for sending who you could after so many injuries. It meant a lot to have Krudar there. smile emoticon
My volunteers, I am beside myself at how hard you guys worked. Hadja Cherif you are such an incredible human. Love you. Imtiaz Halder you came in and made magic happen with the band, the equipment, the DJ. It was incredible. The Crunchy Roll Band was dope! Sound credits:
Crunchy Roll - Larissa Obidiente (vocals), Kevin Salinas (guitar), Lisa Li (bass), Ryan Tindugan (drums).
YMT Sound Crew - Franz 'GK' Liverpool - Sound Engineer/Producer
DJ Visuth aka. Darwin
Thank you a million times over to Maxim Pere of Infightstyle and Leech Gee of Valour Sports for supplying us with giveaways!
Poo Choi Rolando Nuez all I can say is that you are amazing. smile emoticon
Thank you Gary Goodridge for coming to support the show and for the wonderful little ladies giving out the medals.
Thank you Khris G. Calayca and Alvin Lam for the hair cutting station. Everyone looked fresh and it was great seeing you both in your element. Great work guys!
My fighters Shashaank Sreenivasan and Michael Reid you were both fantastic. Kru Cam, PC Construction, PC David and PC Patrick did a great job training you but you guys listened and executed. Beautiful. I am proud.
PC Patrick Wallace, Kru Cam and Constantine Kalsatos for superior cornering , Peter Ng, Khanh Lam, Michelle Vnh, Mike Bonello, Ilir Serbo, Julius Crowe, Melissa Chan, Praveen, Misha Sinkovsky,PC Steve Tsai, Gas Ton for ripping it up at the end in the mic, we both knew I was horrible. PC David Kim, you never let us down, ever and it amazed me. Thank you. Some new toys coming your way. Carm for being the best damn friend I could ask for.
Lastly but certainly not least my love Derrick Henriques. We took on a lot together this week and you helped train my fighters and worked the show as if it were your home gym. I know you can't be exactly where you would like to be training and fighting right now but it means a lot to me and YMT that you support us. Thanks for putting up with my shit and craziness.
If I have missed anyone then Im a big jerkface and am very sorry. Thank you.
Kru Jen"

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Schedule Updates and Changes!

New Saturday Schedule!
  • Kids & Parents class - starting Sat March 28 at NEW TIME 10:15-11:15am.
  • Kali Escrima - starting Sat March 28 at 11:15am-12:30pm.
  • Saturday's Mixed levels NEW TIME 12:30pm-2:00pm.

Thank you and see you all in the gym!!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Don't Miss All the Action THIS Saturday March 28th!

Don't forget our exhibition bouts this coming Saturday March 28th!

  • 14 new and experienced action packed muay thai demos happening,
  • LIVE Band playing,
  • Food and Giveaways, 
  • Homemade cookies!
Doors open at 5, bouts start at 6! 20$ cover for this YMT signature event...tightly run, faced paced and fun experience!


So many of you came through and helped make our gym look better! It is an honour for you to love YMT like your home.
Love Respect Believe!

For the people, made by the people :)

Monday Inspiration

Must read!! It's Monday, so here's a little pick me up. In response to a series of misunderstandings and jokes that led to a beginner student naming Mike Zhang as the "gym model", he wrote this beautiful message:

"Wow! haha this student has made my day! This is amazing; however in my humble opinion, YMT is an environment filled with dedicated and motivated individuals. Moreover, I have always looked towards our yellow shorts/beginners for motivation. 
They inspire me because they arrive at a new environment, new sport and through the difficult obstacles they continue to dedicate themselves 100%. There are too many to list but off the top of my head (tagged): Misha Sinkovsky, Nick Lopetegui, my boy SHAPOR, Khris G. Calayca, Tremaine Goldson, Carmen Nguyen Rory Della Libera, Janice Kwan, Vlad, Michelle Vnh (I apologize if I missed you) . 
THESE type of individuals are whom I consider as gym models that I personally look up to. Regardless, I am absolutely honored someone would say that "

Beginner, intermediate, or're grind matters, and whether you know it or not: it is appreciated.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pizza Night Fix up: Sunday March 22nd

THIS Sunday is our community fix up night! Come by for pizza and pop, while we fix our gym up a bit!

Flags will go up so if you happened to have a 3x5 flag of your country and want to rep it bring it in and we will get it up!

We will be setting up a small cooking station for people like Science guy.

We will also be putting on a brand new bright red canvas for the ring!

After please enjoy some pizza and pop on us!

Thanks YMT FAM!


Kali Registration Open: 

And for anyone interested, please see Michelle, Daniela or Kru Jen at the front desk to register for Kali! 

We had a positive response from the trial class last Saturday and would love to deliver the opportunity for you to continue learning. 

Happy Muay Thai/ Nai Khanom Tom Day (March 17)

We had a great Muay Thai day yesterday...a full class of modern day warriors working hard and sharpening their skills!

We even had a little lesson on Nai Khanom Tom for the kids class. They got to learn about the significance of the day, and why we have his picture up at the gym.

Although still relatively fresh to Muay Thai, these ladies embodied the true spirit of training on Muay Thai day. Keep going ladies...the growth you've made is astounding and will only continue with persistence and diligence.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Highlights from the Week!

So proud of the hustle...Everybody puttin in work!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Thursday, March 5, 2015

FREE Kali Escrima on Saturday March 14!

There is a lot going on at YMT this month!

On Sat March 14, we are offering a FREE Kali Escrima class. We are hoping you love it!
But just what IS it? Well, we could show you better than we could tell you:

If you don't have time to watch, I'll sum it up by saying you'll be getting a mix of weaponry AND hand to hand combat. Some extra flavour to add to your Muay Thai training and give you more options with a tool(s) in hand.

Then of course, later than night will be our "Kru of Muay Thai" day celebrations at Siam no 1.
The actual day is March 17, but we will be celebrating with the community on the 14th. Also known as Boxers day or Nai Khanomtom day, we pay respect to the original Kru of Muay Thai, and those that have followed his path and taught us.

Click to enlarge:

If the York University strike is still going on, hopefully you'll be able to grab our Strike special...the last strike lasted almost 3 months long and many of our students had been through it. Training at this price will be a steal and help you pass the time productively!

Click to enlarge

We also have our YMT Fam Fix Up Night on Sunday March the 22nd!  Grab some pizza, pop and let's make the gym even more awesome than it was before!

Flags will go up so if you happened to have a 3x5 flag of your country and want to rep it bring it in and we will get it up!

We will be setting up a small cooking station for people like Science guy.

We will also be putting on a brand new bright red canvas for the ring!

After please enjoy some pizza and pop on us!

Last but not least, come out for some LIVE Muay Thai exhibition bouts...March 28th!
York Muay Thai's big, beautiful red ring will host some of Tdot's best amateur talent as well as young up and comers in some exciting demo battles!  Don't miss it!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

York University on Strike?

Might as well train!! And for cheap...

Email: for more deets!

This month's writing on the wall:

Learning to channel our experiences in a positive way means being accountable first!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Exhibition Fight Night at York Muay Thai! March 28th!!

Don't miss another fantastic York Muay Thai Demo night!
Complete again with vendors selling discounted gear, great food and awesome live Muay Thai!

A great chance for Schools to submit beginner athletes to get their feet wet or keep an experienced athlete busy between the big fights!

Come out and support a great event!

All Muay Thai Ontario officials are welcome to come shadow referees or practice.

$20.00 cash only!

Weigh in + Medical 4:00pm
Doors open 5:00pm
Rules Meeting 5:30pm
Start time 6:00pm

*Shanks, Ilir, Mike Reid set to rep YMT in the ring!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Inter club sparring fun!

Thank you to Training Ground, Southside, and Siam no 1 for making it out to sparring with us. York Muay Thai was full of positive energy and learning on Friday. Can't wait for the next one!