Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Kings of the Ring: Training with Ajarn Suchart, Sakasem, and Coban Lookchaomaesaitong"- Kru Jen for Muay Thai is Life

Kru Jen wrote about her experiences at the Kings of the Ring seminar in Boston, which featured the legendary coaches: Ajahn Suchart, Ajahn Sakasem and Kru Coban. The detailed article touches on the unique teachings of all 3 Thai veterans, and also features some photos from the seminar itself.

Read the entire article here

Weekend Fight Post: Skarbowsky vs Kaopon Lek

This is part 2 of a kick boxing fight in France. I'm posting it for two reasons...
1. The fighters here are both known for their Muay Thai
and MORE IMPORTANTLY 2. That anything can happen in a fight.

You can watch the first half of the fight by finding the video in the side bar, but I think you'll be able to tell who is winning. Remember, one shot can change a fight. Whether it is a cut, a knock out shot, a debilitating strike to a muscle or joint...a fight can be decided by any factor if a fighter's defense slips for even a second.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Updated Events Calendar...and Support your Team!

 This Saturday, support your team and the Muay Thai Community in Toronto. There will be tons of great exhibitions at TKMT Eastside, including some of our first timers putting on a show! Don't miss it!

Also, adding to our list of events, we have a YMT bowling tournament coming on May 19th...We'll be playing for some serious prizes (like maybe a month of training???) ..
Events Calendar Here:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dominating every range: Kaopon Lek vs Eimers (video)

Interesting fight between Thai legend Kaopon Lek and  Eimers.


Personal analysis: One thing I noticed about the first couple rounds in particular was Kaopon Lek's intimate knowledge of range. While he did have evasive skill, Kaopon Lek really wasn't using a lot of it in the beginning...yet Eimers had trouble landing clean strikes. You might notice for the first two rounds, Eimers throws a lot of hands that don't quite make it, while Kaopon Lek responds immediately with dynamite kicks that land solidly. The minute Eimers is actually close enough to land his hands, K-lek engages then press forward with knees, clinch and elbows.

Sometimes it takes fighters a round to really figure out their range...where they need to be to use what weapon. K-lek is an example of a guy who's training and  experience have made him naturally aware of what he can land, where he can land it and when. That aspect of the game alone allows him to be in control of the fight at any range.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Saksongkham Popthiratum vs Kaew Fairtex @ Omnoi (video)

A fairly recent fight from Omnoi stadium. It starts out pretty vanilla, but as per the Thai usual, it turns into an action packed exchange.  Both fighters here seem pretty good at mixing and using all 8 weapons.


Kaew Fairtex has been pretty popular for a long time, although this is probably the first in a while that I've seen anything from him. It looks like he favours his hands a bit more than before. One thing I liked about him in particular in this fight was how sharp each of his strikes were (save for the last round)...everything was direct.

Taking a step back

Sometimes we forget exactly how hard this sport is. The training involved for even a recreational participant is a tall order. It takes both commitment and heart to learn Muay Thai properly.

It take even more to compete.

If you've ever found yourself critizing professional fighters, it's a pretty normal thing to do. Words like lazy, sloppy, disgraceful, weak, douche... etc may enter into your friendly conversation about said fighters. That's ok. You are entitled to your opinions and your observations.

Just remember to take a step back and realize exactly how much is on the line for a fighter. Remember to take into account that a "bad day at the office" for them has much more lasting results than it may for you. Remember that if you haven't been through it, then you couldn't ever completely understand it.

Kaoklai is among the many fighters out there who face constant criticism. Some say he's lazy, some say he's sloppy...but I've even read some really disrespectful things about him in video comments. Truth is, I don't have the highest opinion of him as a pro fighter. I don't think he's the most skilled or strongest.

Regardless, Kaoklai is a fighter. One of the few who embody the word at its core: He has never backed down from a fight, even when the odds were against him. He continues to fight in a weight class that's still technically too big for him. He continues to fight younger fighters who are clearly on the rise, while his own star fades.

But that star? It's pretty bright. It's the same star that blinded K-1 fans when he knocked out Might Mo (despite what was approximately a 100 pound difference). It's the same star that went to war (not just to fight, but to war) twice with Clifton Brown. 

At the end of the day though, Kaoklai is human. So are all the other fighters in the game, whether or not they have the same spirit as Kaoklai. They are just trying to make a living, while doing what they love.

It all started somewhere. For Kaolkai and many others, humble beginnings have lead them on a humble path. Try and keep that in perspective, both for when you choose to critcize others, and even yourself.

Monday, April 23, 2012

ณพกฤต (Noppakrit) VS เพชรมงคล (video)

Whoa, I came across this fight unexpectedly. I recognize one fighter, Noppakrit, in the red. He's a southpaw with excellent speed and power. In this particular fight, he shows quite a bit of ring dominance...he's usually the one pressing the other guy back and controlling the field of combat. His opponent on the other hand has some good counters and a shows some angular movement.

Anyways, it was a good quick watch. Enjoy!


This Week!

 A heads up reminder for:

-Heavy ropes are in!

-Saturday: TKMT demos event!

-Sunday: Jungle Training!

Further into the future, we are counting down for Simon vs Joe 2, and Matt Embree vs Nils Widlund. 
Muay Thai Authority talks to Matt Embree about his upcoming fight:
Personally, I think this will be an interesting fight. Nils from Sweden has a lot of K1 experience and works a lot of combinations and pressure. Matt on the other hand favours using ace timing and accuracy to pick apart his opponents. My prediction goes with Matt, but I always like to see different styles clash.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Simon Marcs defeats 2 opponents in one night in China!

For full details, visit:

Upcoming Events: April - May 2012!

It's going to get busy at YMT in the next's an overview of things to come. Don't miss out!

Apr 28th:  
TKMT Eastside @ 6PM

May 6th: 
Yoga starts up again! with Steph Sibbio @ 11AM

May 12th:  
Bad Bwoy vs. Joe Schilling. Also fighting that night, Matt Embree. Be at YMT that night we will be showing the fight live on a big screen

May 19th:
YMT bowling! Don't miss the chance to play for awesome prizes (one month of training??? personal training???)

May 26th:  
Mom Dad and Me kids program demo- inviting all parents and their kids to try out a FREE Muay Thai class, uniquely designed for both of them! Click poster to expand for details:

Don't forget! Heavy ropes and Liniment oil are in! Get yours NOW!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekend Action: Wangjannoi Sor Palangchai vs Petchdyum Lookborai

" 33 sec knock out killer!" That's the nickname of one of these fighters....I dunno about 33 secs...but enjoy this while it lasts!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Heavy Ropes are in! Get yours at YMT!

We just got our new shipment of heavy ropes in, courtesy of our own Erik Pee!

They come in a variety of colours. If you have been blasting through the skipping, it's time to step it up.

$40 + tax. Let's do it!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jungle Training: Spots open! Don't miss it!

Letting you know that Neurofit's Strength and Conditioning program, Jungle Training, still has spots available! Don't miss the opportunity to train with the best in the business of overall health, nutrition and conditioning!
Just ask Armie, Andrea, Kru or myself if you want to get started!

Make the changes you want now.

Every Sunday at YMT!

Teaser Pics of Ajahn Suchart's fight

Arash and Kru Brian Edwards have posted a couple pics. Not much, but it'll do till we see video :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thai Fight Fights April 2012! and Buakaw's Heart (videos)

 All the fight can be found here:

It's made waves in today Muay Thai news, and I'm compelled to share it here:
Thai Fight, a big tournament promotion, took place today in Pattaya, Thailand. Many of the biggest Thai names competed, including Buakaw.

However, Buakaw recently left Por Pramuk gym as he felt mistreated by his management. As such, when he stated he was still going to fight on the Thai Fight card despite the issue with his former gym, some legal issues arose. Por Pramuk found him in violation of their contract, as well as a rumour that Buakaw's new (self owned) gym was not yet approved by the Sports Authority of Thailand. It was therefore speculated that Buakaw would not fight on Thai Fight, as it could lead to his arrest.

Buakaw said "eff it" (not literally), and fought anyway. After the fight, he brought his father into the ring and told the crowd exactly why he was still in the ring. Chief among his reasons were his family, the King and the people of his country. He made it clear that whether or not he would be arrested for his actions, he was proud he fought.

There you go ladies and gentlemen. Say what you will about him, but today was definitely Buakaw's day.

Let's hope he doesn't get arrested.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Yoga Classes Update: Yoga to return on May 1st, with Steph Sibbio!

YMT would like to thank Chelsie Montgomery for all of her hard work in teaching our Yoga classes this past year. Chelsea is off to pursue other ventures and we wish her all of the best in the future! You will be missed!

Our new Yoga program will be run by our very own Stephanie Sibbio who is very excited to take it over. Stephanie will be helping us expand our Yoga program coming May 1st.

There will be no sunday Yoga until that time.

Thank you very much and please wish Chelsea well and welcome Stephanie.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Chok Dee Ajahn Suchart and Kru Mikey Perez! Simon Marcus to fight 2 Opponents in One Night!

Ajahn Suchart, going on 52 years old, will be fighting his last fight ever tonight in Thaphae Stadium, Chiang Mai! It is scheduled to be a "bare knuckle" (which usually means just gauze) fight with an opponent from Myanmar.

Even bigger news for our friend Kru Mikey Perez of Southside Muay Thai: he will be fighting for the Northern Thailand Featherweight title! We wish them both the best of luck, and look forward to hearing the good news soon.

Our very own Arash "T-Legs" is with them and will be watching the fights live.

Also happening soon: Simon Marcus will be fighting 2 opponents in one China!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Songkran Water Work Out! Happy Thai New Year!

To celebrate Thai New Year (a water festival), YMT held a special pre-training work out with water balloons! If you missed out on the fun, here is a small glimpse of the good times!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jungle Training at YMT starts April 15!

York Muay Thai and Neurofit Life Systems present:
Strength & Conditioning Classes at YMT!

Starts Sunday April 15th and runs for 12 weeks!

This is an amazing opportunity to train with some of the best and most knowledgeable in the business of fitness and wellness...not to mention affordable!

If you need more info on Neurofit's Ken Sylvan and Bharat Oza, check out
Their blog and facebook page also have tons of free information and check them out if you are serious about your health.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shoulder Prehab Workshop date TBA!

We just got word that the Shoulder Workshop which was supposed to be held this Saturday was cancelled due to a scheduling conflict, but the owner of Resolute Performance will organise a time to come to YMT to run the workshop for free.

Keep yourself in tune with the news on's a great opportunity!

Pajonsuk Por Pramuk vs Karim Bennoui @ Yokkao Extreme (video)

Some hard and fast action for you today. Enjoy!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Saekson Or Kwanmuang VS Kaimukkaw Chuwatttana (video)

Thanks to Durst for passing this link along. This was the 2011 Rajadamnern fight of the year. Rock solid action in this one.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday fight vid: Saenchai vs. Namsaknoi

An old fight between Saenchai (modern legend) and Namsaknoi, probably the fighter who had held the Lumpinee championship for the longest time (reportedly 6 years as the 135 lbs champion). Some technical exchanges and a lot of clinch work in this one. Enjoy!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wednesday Action Part 2: Simon Marcus fight in China (March 2012)

Simon's last fight in China:

Instead of just winning a trophy, they gave him a freaking sword. How cool is that?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday Action: Matee vs Pajonsuk (video)

A fight between Matee and Pajonsuk.

Matee is an older fighter who brings forth tons of experience from the "Golden Age of Muay Thai"- when some of the toughest fighters who walked the Earth would absolutely obliterate each other. He currently lives and teaches in the United States.

You may recognize Pajonsuk as he has had a successful international career, most recently fighting on K-1 Max. Pajonsuk has developed into a strong fighter with powerful kicks and throws. You can tell how old this fight is, as he is much thinner and seems a little less in his element than you might be use to seeing.


The Western Mind- by Kru Jen

One of Kru Jen's older pieces, republished for Muay Thai is Life: The Wester Mind.

Read it!-

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Namkabuan vs Nuanthoranee again! (video)

I have posted both of these fighters here before...fighting each other no less. Honestly, I have no idea how many times they have fought...cause every time I look there's another video of them fighting. I thought I'd seen them all till now.

Both were top dogs in their day, and always had pretty exciting fights.

Namkabuan is a very dynamic fighter, mixing stability and mobility. I've been a big fan of his for years. Nuanthoranee is nicknamed the rhino, and known for being relentless in moving forward.
Nuanthoranee is a coach of Masato's.

Personally, I think when watching fights that it is important not to copy the way a fighter moves or any of their manerisms...but to look at the application of their technique/ they apply their weapons certain ranges etc. Take that as inspiration and apply it with your own technique. Try not to flat out "look" like that fighter.


Liam Harrison vs Andrei Kulebin (video)

This past weekend, two of the top European fighters in Muay Thai collided.

Liam Harrison is a strong fighter from the UK who is known for some of the most vicious hands and kick techniques in the game.

Andrei Kulebin is a technical fighter who has strong clinch skills and strategy. Both fighters have been in the ring with top competition from Thailand, and now they finally meet.

The video isn't the best, but if you follow the fight scene then you'll want to see the outcome. Click the side bar to see the remaining rounds!