Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Video: Matt Embree vs Josh Palmer

Sawadeekhap Y'all,

 If you were in the blue shorts class tonight you would've heard me make a reference to this particular fight, Matt Embree vs. Josh Palmer. Watch how Matt manages to dictate the range against a larger opponent (things like thigh teeps against the southpaw's lead leg, right hand counters off the recoil, etc). He manages to win the fight while mostly backing up, but not running away, which is a huge distinction.

Check it out:

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:

Round 5:

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Video inspiration: Saenchai highlight

A highlight video of one of the greatest...Saenchai is a fighter who's skill has allowed him to be successful for many years. He bends a lot of the rules of conventional fighting, but that's just cause he's so good. Appreciate, but do not mimic too much  ;)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Excellent picture from Jim Morrison of Julius repping YMT at the Black Devil MMA event a few weeks ago:

Kru Class on August 10th!

Don't miss out on the next Kru class, Sunday August 10th! An opportunity for you to work Thai style one on one with some of the best pad holders in the city! Get 5 rounds of technical guidance or cardio destruction...or both!

Plus open light contact technical sparring for any interested. It's going to be a fun one!

Pakorn vs Nong O (video)

A hard hitting bout shared by none other than Muay Ties on Youtube... Pakorn and Nong O always bring it:

Friday, July 11, 2014

Check out our NEW schedule starting Monday July 14/14!!

Take advantage of an additional 2 Muay Thai training classes to get your technique and conditioning up to speed, as well as brand new opportunities...


Strength and conditioning with Grant Turner 3 days a week will redifine your lifestyle, posture and idea of exactly how strong you can be. Learn tight form and increase your abilities in a safe and beneficial way.

Muay Thai bootcamp is an excellent 1 hour blast led by everyone's favourite drill sergeant, PC David Kim. Get your cardio up doing tons of body weight drills, partner oriented exercises and some bag smashing. You don't need to be a fighter to get ripped!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Thanks to all who came out for the Kru class!

Here are some pics of our first successful Thai style Kru Class!

Run by 4-5 of our most experienced Krus and pad holders, 20$ gets you a great personal training pad session with a trainer, and the opportunity to technical spar and do bag work with your classmates. The benefits of 1 on 1 attention coupled with a fun group atmosphere!

Looking forward to next time!

*Thank you Kru Kosta, Kru Mina, PC Construction and of course, Kru Jen!

17 Important Life Lessons That Martial Arts Will Teach You

Shared by many on Facebook, we at YMT would have to agree with all of these:

Tiffany Van Soest vs Sindy Huyer AND Kevin Ross vs Michael "Tomahawk" Thompson (videos)

Two exciting fights! Check them out: