Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekend Fight Entertainment: PKP recap and Glory Final

If you haven't already heard about the controversy that went down during Push Kick Promotions in Vegas last night (Sat the 28th), then you certainly have some catching up to do.
You can read all about it here:
*Needless to say, the post fight comments (if you can find them on Youtube) added to the fire.

Either way, it's done. Now the fans are left to wonder when the rematch will be lined up. I (the blogger, not York Muay Thai or Kru Jen) personally feel Simon doesn't really need to fight Chidi again to prove his dominance, but he may not want to let that draw on his record be the ending to their saga...At least his post fight interview didn't sound like it.

One fun tidbit was Ajahn Suchart rocking a York Muay Thai hoodie while cornering Simon. Ajahn is always wearing all of his different student's school logos whenever he can.

OK then! Moving along now. While those shocking events hit a little close to home for us Torontonians, the next bit may be a more entertaining.

Just after Simon and Chidi faced off in Vegas, Joe Schilling and Artem Levin met for the Glory Middle Weight Tournament championship in L.A.   Glory is kickboxing = limited grab knees, clinch and elbows prohibited. BUT if those are the rules you are willing to fight under, it is THE promotion to be on. Glory lines up some of the best strikers against each other in tournament format.

So...Artem and Joe Schilling? I think everyone figured Artem to make it to the finals. Schilling? Probably not as much. However, if we've learned anything about him from his fights with Simon, it's that the guy is determined to bang. And that, if nothing else, always makes for a good fight.

Joe Schilling vs Artem Levin by SM020886

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fight Night Success

A huuuuge thank you to all everyone who made Fight Night demos possible last night! We had a great time putting on some technical and exciting demos of our art for you!

I know Kru Jen will, as usual, have her own words of gratitude, but I just wanted to thank all the coaches and athletes, volunteers, those in attendance and the vendors for making the night another great one. We only throw about 2 shows a year because we really want them to be as exciting and fun as possible. I truly hope that you had a great time!

Thank you to our own athletes:  PC Jack Liu and Sam Reznikov for repping YMT (and VMT) last night. You made us proud :)

Check YMT's Facebook page or group for a link to more photos!

Kevin Ross vs Tetsuya Yamoto (video)

A very exciting fight. Tetsuya uses his elbows to great effect, while Kevin pushes the pace. 

Check out the extent of the damage cause by the elbows:

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fight Night coming up THIS Saturday Sept the 21st!

Doors open at 5, show starts at 6!   Live Muay Thai exhibition bouts with athletes of all skill levels to show you the art in motion. Males, females, up your appreciation of Muay Thai this Sat!
Lots of cool vendors coming out to our event:
  • Beatdown Sports
  • Benza Sports 
  • Nak Muay Clothing 
  • Nak Muay Key Chains 
  • Jeff Tran Jewellery 
  • Plus a BBQ and more...
Make sure you bring cash to buy from these guys as some will be selling at a discounted price for this event only! Discounts ahoy!

Saenchai vs Andrei Kulebin (video)

Andrei Kulebin is no slouch, but one of the best 140 lbs fighters out there. A very technical fighter who works strategy and power over just being overwhelming. Saenchai needs no introduction. The guy is so technically gifted he can get away get away with a ton of things fighting at the world level.

I like that even though the footage isn't an official broadcast, you can hear and feel the crack of their strikes over the round music.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday, September 13, 2013

Student of the Month (August 2013): Imtiaz

Samson Destroying Wisanlek (video)

The title of this clip is a bit of a spoiler, but you can read the story behind it here.
Uploader boranbkk writes:

"Samson Issan (Red) vs Wisanlek Ploysakda (Blue)
Lumpinee Stadium - 1991 or 92.
This is an interesting bit of footage, because it shows the final moments of Wisanlek's long and successful career. He received so much eye damage from Samson' barrages he wasn't allowed to fight again. Samson helped Wisanlek out by giving him 30,000 baht towards his medical costs. Legendary Samson is also known by his original fight name Sengmuengnoi Lookchowpormahasak."

Tip/Quote of the day:

Each moment of your session should serve a purpose. A 30 sec to 1 minute rest period between rounds should be something you feel like you need after a focused round of practice. Work hard and earn that break, then use that break to deep breathe and regain your energy to go at it again.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Liam Harrison vs Khamal (video)

Incredible action in this fight. Lots of things you can take away from this.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Niwlukrak Pagonponsurin (Eksindeekongym) vs Tuktatong Sor Jor Toipaetriw @ Lumpinee (video)

Tukatong (blue) has some good timing on his lead kicks, goes for position immediately in the clinch, as well as sharp counters. Look for principles you've been learning about in this fight. Not a long video, but a little bit of everything is used here. Watch out for those slicing elbows!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monday, September 9, 2013

Kru Jen and Kru Mina at the Ajahn Chai seminar in NY this passed weekend:

Thanks to Hadja, Khanh, PC Patrick and PC Dave for holding down the fort!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Thursday, September 5, 2013

York Muay Thai Back to SchoolSpecial 2013! 4 months training for $300!

Back to school Special for a limited time only!  4 months for $300...UNLIMITED training at York Muay Thai!
Perfect way to kick off your semester all the way through exams. Available to new members. Check it out!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fight Night at York Muay Thai- September 21st, 2013

Come out and enjoy some live demonstrations of Muay Thai!  Amateur athletes from across the GTA will be coming to YMT to put on a night of exhibition matches to show you the art in action!

Youth, males and female fighters will be putting their skills on display for the crowd! There will be a variety of experience levels at the show, from beginners to amateur champions!

Don't miss it!