Thursday, June 28, 2012

Holiday Closures


Please be advised that we are closed SUNDAY JULY 1st and MONDAY JULY 2nd.

Fighters will be training as usual on Sunday.

Please come support our fighters at 8:30am Monday July 2nd for our Run-A-Thon.
Enjoy our great countries Birthday and get outside!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sponsor your TBA Athletes today- they run 16k on their quest to the titles!

Sponsor one of your TBA athletes today! They will be running 16k to raise money for their trip to capture the tournament titles in Iowa this year! 

Also notable was the success of our POWER PADS BBQ!
We raised over $300 tonight. A huge thanks goes out to Kru Kosta PC Cam and PC Steve who held pads but are not even going to Iowa. All the fighters and PC's going did a great job! Thank you Robin for running the grill and Andrea for doing everything else! WAR TEAM YMT! TBA HERE WE COME

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sakmongkol vs Cosmo Alexandre

An old legend vs a newer talent. I'm always interested in watching these because its cool to see how experience matches up with (for lack of a better word) youth. When I say youth, I mean in terms of experience in the sport.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

POWER PADS and BBQ! June 26th @ York Muay Thai, 6:45

Support your team! At 6:45, take a warm up with Kru Kosta.

Starting at 7ish, you can do pads with any of our available instructors (myself, Kru Jen and Kru K), as well as any of the fighters! Each round of pads is 5$ and will go towards our amateur fighters travelling to Iowa to compete in the TBA tournament.

Support your team while improving your technique!!

Click poster to enlarge

Friday, June 15, 2012

Give and Take

 PC Patrick's Weekly Musing: 
When you're training in a big group, the energy (both positive and negative) of the group is contagious. The right combination of people, combined with the enthusiasm of the leader, can lead to excellent workouts for many of the people in the room. 
 Likewise, it only takes a few people complaining or slacking to drag the energy level of the entire room down. Gravitate to people who push hard regardless (Durst, Gaja, Carson, etc), and be aware of the energy that you are contributing to the group, because it does affect those around you.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Battle of the Belts WBC Muay Thai fights (videos)

Here is a couple fights from WBC Muay Thai Battle of the Belts from Saturday. This is the event Simon was supposed to fight Artem Levin on. Some pretty good scraps!

SUPER WELTERWEIGHT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP- Alejandro Asuma Osa (Spain) Vs Kem Sitsongpeenong (Thailand):

LIGHTWEIGHT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP- Jomtong Chuwattana (Thailand) Vs Yetkin Ozkul (Turkey):

SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP- Sakeddao Petchapayatai (Thailand) Vs Sofiane Derdega (France):

WELTERWEIGHT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP- Big Ben Ch. Praram6 (Thailand) Vs Fabio Pinca (France)

Smart Guards at YMT June 16th

Smart Guards is coming to York Muay Thai on Saturday June 16th from 10am - 12pm!
Don't miss the opportunity to get a custom made, high quality mouth guard for maximum protection!

They will come in to take a custom mold of your mouth, and you can choose from various designs or combine to make your own. This is some quality stuff guys. Make sure you jump on this!

Here's a little info on the guards:

"Smartguards will create a custom mouthguard to your design wishes using the highest levels of dental fabrication methods being used today. Pressure Laminate guards are the highest level of dental fit mouthguards. These guards are layered under pressure to give you the best over all protection and fit. You will be able to talk, breathe and concentrate on your sport without having to worry about your guard falling out. This type of mouthguard is the type of guard that is worn by the pros. These guards are going to fit tighter and last longer than regular dental vacuum guards."

Here is a small collection of samples of the many different designs you can get:

Monday, June 4, 2012

Leo Monteiro vs Sittichai Sitsongpeenong (video)


Here is a fight from the recent Toyota 8 man tournament in the 67 kilo division. 

You may recognize Leo from the MPL's first event. The Brazillian fighting out of Thailand has a number of titles, including the Chaweng stadium championship from Samui, as well as the Z1 WMC Malaysia tournament title. 

Sittichai is someone I've posted about a lot. This slick southpaw is a Lumpinee and Rajadamnern ranked fighter who consistently performs against the best both in Thailand and abroad. 


While both are top guys, the winner of this bout becomes obvious through accuracy, consistency and power. To me, these are the three things that allowed the winner to pull ahead.

It's important to note that I'm not speaking of sheer activity or even aggression. When I say consistency, I refer to the pace of the strikes, in addition to their accuracy and power. You might call it tactical or technical aggression.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sagatpet vs Andy Jitti Gym (videos)

(photo by

A competitive fight from a couple years back between Andy and Sagatpet. The British fighter gives Sagatpet a hard fight:

Student of the Month (May 2012): Steven M!

Jungle Training June 3 Workout

Ken has posted the Jungle training workout that some of our fighters and members were put through today! If you want more, come see Ken on Sundays and ask him more about his unique program!

New Reads at YMT

4 NEW books added to YMT's library to help you guys stay fit, mentally & physically!

Didn't know we have a library? Now you do! Ask front reception to take books out.

- Clean by Alejandro Junger (Rec by Ken Sylvan)
- The Thrive Diet by Bendan Bazier (Rec by Ken Sylvan)
- The Wheat Belly by William Davis (Rec by my Father)
- Star with Why by Simon Sinek (Rec by Kru Jen)
PC Patrick's Weekly Musing: 
Watching and studying Muay Thai fights, such as the ones posted in the YMT blog, should be encouraged. However, imitation without understanding should be discouraged. If somebody were to ask you why you do a certain thing or move a certain way, and the answer is "Because I saw Saenchai do it," or "Because it looks cool,", then perhaps you should reflect a little bit on your technique. Everything in traditional Muay Thai serves a distinct purpose.