Friday, November 30, 2012

York Muay Thai Christmas Party! December 16th @ Thai Plate

Each year we come together as a friends and family and celebrate the year we spent together growing in Muay Thai.

This year we are getting ready for another full celebration at Thai Plate:

3434 Bathurst st, Toronto, Ontario M6A 2C2

We will have:
- Honoured guests.
- Video presentation 'A Look Back at 2012'
- TBA 2012 Hightlight reel.
- Awards to Junior, Seniors, Fighters and Instructors.
- Best Thai Food in Town!
- Prizes & Raffle giveaways.
- Speeches from YOUR community leaders.

This is a special event and we encourage you to bring your loved ones out for an inspiring evening with York Muay Thai.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The King's Birthday Gala, Dec 9th!

YOU are invited!

Dec 9th is the most important day of Muay Thai, is it is the King of Thailand's birthday. Ajahn Suchart, and the Thai ambassador has requested our presence to celebrate a night of Thai food, awards, Kru promotions and of course...fights.

If you are like me, and Muay Thai has done much positivity in your life, tonight is the night to give back. I hope for all of us to celebrate that night together.

When: December 9th 2012
Where: Siam №1 Woodbridge 180 Winges Rd. Units 11&12
Time: Doors open 5pm, socialize and mingle with everybody ** Ceremony 6:30pm **** Dinner 7:30pm

*Tickets are reserved in advance with your Kru (Jen)! 65$ is all inclusive. Let's get a YMT table going!

Please let us know ASAP if you can attend!!!*

"A wonderful night of traditional and cultural events including: His Honour the Ambassador to Thailand's welcome speech, Thai dancers, Thai food, my annual reflection and awards ceremony, recognition of new Krus, and Kru Yais, Muay Thai demonstrations and the Royal Thai Ambassador Cups, and more special items to honour the occasion."

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thai Fight November 25th (videos)

Here is the entire Thai Fight event from TV thanks to DuangAesthetic of Youtube!

Sudsakorn vs Mohammed Hoss:
1/9 สุดสาคร

Adaylton Parreira vs Andrei Kulebin:

Singmanee vs Mehdi Zatout
4/9 สิงห์มณี
5/9 สิงห์มณี

Iquezang Kor.Rungthanakeat vs Cecchini Simone:

Buakaw vs Tomoyuki Nishikawa
9/9 บัวขาว

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

To the Ropes! Buakaw vs Ole Larson (video)

 An ooooold fight between Buakaw and Ole Larson. Watch for the pressing attack towards the ropes, where the full power of each weapon is unleashed.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

YMT Christmas Party: December 16th!

You are invited to join your YMT family this year!
Come out for Awards, Prizes, Food and the celebration of another year together :D

December 16th!  
Location: TBA


The holidays are always the hardest time of year for people who are in need. 

This year especially, due to the economy, people who are less fortunate are having an especially difficult time making ends meet. Food banks are not experiencing the same level of donations that they usually receive this time of year. York Muay Thai would like to help this situation, so please consider bringing a non-perishable food donation to be donated to a local food bank. If you bring 5 items, then you will get extra chances to win excellent prizes in this year's raffle.

Friday, November 16, 2012

NEW Monday and Wednesday morning classes @ YMT (10am)

York Muay Thai will be starting mid mornkng Muay thai from 10am-1130am monday & wednesday. This class will be on trial for a month to monitor attendance, before being made permanent. So come out!!

Classes will be taught by YMT's own fighter and Champion Leo Perez!!!

Make sure you come out and check this class out.

"Being the Girl"- by Kru Jen for Muaythai is

Here is Kru Jen's article with a unique, yet not so unique perspective on being a woman in the Muay Thai world. I say "not so unique" only because their are many women in the MT community, and Kru helps bring the reality of being one to the forefront.

I also think it's a great article for anyone that's ever felt too shy, weak or perhaps overlooked in their MT and life experience. Read it and hopefully inspire yourself to reach your full potential, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Little wonders: Yuthasak Sakbureerum vs Sitisak M-U.Den (video)

This fight was for the Ch 7 Mini fly weight (105 lbs) championship. If you look back, you see I've been posting Yuthasak fights a lot recently. He's kind of a ring genius. Sitisak is no slouch though, and takes it to him. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pad Holding Workshop THIS Sunday (Nov 11!)

We all know that the better your pad holder is, the better training you get. If you learn to improve your ability to hold pads, you can not only improve your partner's technique but educate them on how to improve yours.

So this Sunday (November 11th) from 11am-1pm, we'll be having a workshop on pad holding- both for general techniques, as well as how to train fighters.

Sunday sparring will start immediately 1pm, following the seminar.

Big Kicks: Wanchalong vs Pentai (video)

Remember how Kru was talking about power today? Here it is in action.

If your techniques are crisp, and you've trained power properly, you're speed and efficiency will evolve over time into something amazing.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pre order Hoodies! Limited time offer!

Save some money and ensure your colour and size of your hoodie.

We will only be accepting pre-orders until (and including) Monday November 12th.


Reg Price $50+tax
Pre Order Price $45+tax

Student of the Month October '12: Anita

Monday, November 5, 2012

Good Form Running with Grant Robison

Yes, it is indeed getting colder! However, it's never too late to pick up some running tips...especially since running is a staple in a Muay Thai fighter's training regime. 

There are many different things you'll hear about running form, and I would never say that one style should fit all. This particular style has helped me a lot though. I'm not a great runner, but I've found that I'm more efficient and my times improved when adopting this style.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekend Action

A great fight to end the weekend. You can feel the power in these shots just from watching...

Friday, November 2, 2012

Jungle Training cancelled for this Sunday (Nov 4)

Jungle Training is cancelled on Sunday November 4th! We apologize for inconvenience.

HOPE Fundraising event: Sunday Nov 4th at Evolution MAFA

Kru Jen will be teaching at this Charity event along with many others in the martials arts community. 


*see the cause below


"Evolution Mafa invites you, your friends & family to our Open House on Sunday November 4th with all proceeds of event going directly to the "HOPE" ORGANIZATION to help build a school in a region of The Dominican Republic. 

Come experience a vast wealth of knowledge and training from our collection of guest instructors for the day ALL volunteering their time for this amazing event.
ALSO, Meet INSTRUCTORS/FIGHTERS/STUDENTS from neighbouring schools in our Muay Thai Hotbed of ONTARIO!"

Hoodies Are on the Way!


NEW LOGO! Thank you Robin Hutchins for your sick re-design of our logo for these!

Pre-orders will be accept soon at a discounted price!!!! Stay Tuned for the official release date/price... :)