Saturday, March 18, 2017

YMT athletes gearing up- April 1 and April 8

YMT is getting back into the amateur Muay Thai scene!

First up we have the Ayothaya Muay Thai Spring Demos on April 1st.  PC Bryan, Alex, and Carmen are gearing up for these exhibition bouts. Misha is hoping to get a match as well.  Check it out at: 
370 Queens Quay West. Unit 101 & 102, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A2

Details here:

Next we hope to have Fritz matched up and on Destiny 4
This will be his first sanctioned fight, and an amazing card at the Woodbine Racetrack!


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sahila's fight at SHEFights!

Strong performance last night by Sahila on the first ever SHEfights event! It was a very close 3 round battle against a good opponent. Our girl steadily upped her pace each round, gaining heavy momentum in the final. Unfortunately she was then hit with a blow that off balanced her and was given an 8 count. She was unhurt and got up immediately, but a fighter downed from a strike will almost always be counted, especially in amateur bouts.

These things happen in our sport and are just a lesson for us to improve our defense so that there are no questions. It is a lesson we will definitely take into our training going forward. Overall, we are beyond proud of how much she has grown. She'll be back stronger, smarter and just as determined. 

Thanks to all of the #ymteam who came out in force to let the people know we were supporting our girl!! Looking forward to more fights for us in April!

#noexcuses #noeasyfights #shortpeoplecanclinchtoo #cantbebroken


Sunday, March 5, 2017

MTO Officials Seminar- Sunday March 12th

Classes will be CANCELLED on Sunday March 12th, 2017, as YMT will be hosting an officials training seminar for MuayThai Ontario.

 Open to all participants of any level of knowledge, Muaythai Ontario is looking to build on its already talented team of judges and referees. Existing officials may attend at no cost in order to refresh their knowledge, however, time constraints will see that new officials will receive priority when it comes to hands on practice.

The seminar will involve a combination of live demonstrations, video samples, whiteboard and projector curriculum. Some of the highlights will be:

-Amateur Muay Thai as it relates to competition in Ontario, Canada and the World ;
-Referee, Judge, Timekeeper, and Chief Official duties;
-Equipment and attire;
-Preparing each contest;
-Round and contest procedures;
-Interaction with the team of judges and medical staff;
-Athlete safety;
-Intermediate referee techniques - Pressing, Inserting, Separating, Obstructing and Protecting;
-Foul procedures;
-Medical interruptions;
-Ending competition;
-Scorecard analysis;
-Scoring principles as well as Single Competition vs Tournament Judging;
-Crowd and environment control; and
-Legal consequences and MTO coverage.

This is a hands on seminar. We expect you to bring indoor shoes, pens and paper/electronic devices to record your notes. There will be written and aptitude based testing for all participants, involving live demonstrations.

Members in need of a 2017 membership should register here:

Existing 2017 members should register here:

Cost (Up to $150):
Course: $70 (for first time MTO officials)
Officials Shirt: $30
MTO & MTC Membership: $50

Kru of Muay Thai Celebration and Gradings

What a weekend!  March 4th was a day of non stop Muay Thai!

Thank you to all who came out to the Kru of Muay Thai celebrations at Siam no 1!  Kru Jen, Kru Cam and all of the instructors would like to thank you for all of your support! #ymteam

Also a thank you to PC Eugenia for organizing a gift and ceremony for Kru Cam on behalf of all the children in the kids class. It was adorable how they all wrote him letters, then insisted he read them immediately :)

Lastly, we are excited for a new crop of intermediate students, who will now begin to learn deeper and refine their skills. Ajahn Suchart had many positive things to say about the York Muay Thai students that graded at his Blue Shorts Test.  To all of the new intermediates...never forget to pay it forward and of course, "Above Sky there is still Sky."