Monday, October 5, 2009

Learning Thai Through Muay Thai (Video)

Today is the first day I've posted so many times in order to procrastinate...but it's all worth it.

Interested in Learning Thai or going to Thailand?

This is just part 1, be sure to watch the other parts on youtube if you want more:

"Linguist and author, Antonio Graceffo, in cooperation with David Long, head of the Thai program at AUA Ratchadamri, Bangkok, are working together to find a way to transport the ALG (Automatic Language Growth) learning method from the classroom to living rooms and offices around the world. Experiential learning is by far the most powerful and provides the most remembered lessons. This video is the first in a series of experiential language learning videos. The idea is to provide the students with an immediate context and cultural reference for the language they are hearing. Since about 70 to 80% of communication in your native tongue is non-linguistic, then why shouldnt we use the same non-linguistic clues to interpret and eventually learn a foreign language?"

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