Thursday, November 26, 2009

Staring Down the Eyes of a Tiger

Mosab Amrani isn't the #1 Muay Thai fighter in the world. However, he's proven that he can get in there, stand with the best, and even take sweet victory when few people believe can.

Last year, Mosab stood and banged with Anuwat Kaewsamrit. If you don't know Anuwat by now, stop reading and go youtube him. He's not called the "Iron Hands of Siam" for nothing. Mosab came out victorious in one huge upset.

This weekend at Slamm!, Mosab is getting ready to throw down with Bovy Sor of the most vicious fighters on the circuit. Mosab himself says he doesn't believe Bovy has a soul.

Check out what this man, who must once again stare down a Thai monster, has to say:

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