Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sagatpet IngramGym vs Michal Glogowski at K-1 World Max 2010 Final 16 (video)


Now that Buakaw is out of K-1, I wouldn't normally post a k-1 fight. However, as I posted a while back, Sagatpet is the new Thai entering the tournament this year.

Sagatpet is a former Lumpinee and Raja champion at the featherweight and lightweight divisions. He normally fights at about 65-67 kg (145ish), which makes him about 10 pounds lighter than the max weight of K-1 (70kg/154lbs).

This is evident in his speed, but also in how he stands next to Michal Glogowski.

The two have a very competitive match in their K-1 debut.

Enjoy the fight, and remember that K-1 rules and scoring do differ in a lot of ways to Muay Thai.

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