Wednesday, November 24, 2010

You want it? Go get it


Bodman does an interview on his friend and fellow gym member Steve's blog. I wanted to share it mainly because he outlines the difficulties in balancing his training with everything else. He has lately been in the gym as early as 7am or as late as 11pm; usually because his work situation doesn't allow him any other time to train.

If he can do what he's been setting out to can too.

I've trained with Bodman for 2 years, and I even remember teaching his introductory class. I watched him improve. I watched him take months off because of school too, and play catch up for it. Yet he came back and has been grinding ever since.

You've got a lot of other fighters or simply just students at our gym that exemplify this work ethic. Just look up at the fighter's board or the "student of the month" nominees. They're all regular people. They have commitments, they enjoy a night out or are trying to establish careers. However, they know where they want to be in Muay thai, and how good they want to get.

Whatever badmon or these other people end up doing is totally up in the air. Who knows if we'll see the next champion or teacher out of anyone. For now, you have several examples of people MAKING time to reach their goals.

Want abs? Make time to run. Want a better kick? Make time to hit the bag outside of class.

Whatever you set out to's possible. Make your dreams a priority today.

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